What is the use of starred in Gmail

Study the relevant points for the difference between starred and significant in Gmail

Gmail account is secured mainly in managing its email at every stage. It provides you with a logical method to protect your essential Gmail account by providing significant marks that you may see quickly. Sometimes, when you receive a message from essential clients and want to make this email meaningful, you can click on the star button that indicates the importance of the email that you can open at any time. When you need to make multiple emails, select the use of starred in Gmail, and for that, you must go to the settings and give permission for the multi-star and make your essential emails start every time. You can view email without start will show less critical, but star emails are essential to check your Gmail account every time. 

What is the difference between starred and important in Gmail?

If you are looking for genuine information for the difference between starred and essential in a Gmail account, you must have basic information for the use of starred in Gmail that you can explicitly add a star to show on your Gmail every time. But if you have an important email, it will show in marks as necessary to whom you email and how often you email them significantly. So when you wish to reply to any specific email, you can notice keywords that would be the use of important in Gmail to you to usually read on your Gmail account and reply to everyone in a specific manner perfectly. If you want to know the specific difference between starred and necessary in Gmail, you must consider a few logic points and use the emails accordingly.  

Let's know the difference while using star and important email accordingly. 

  • When you add your email by starring a message, it is more likely pinning it to the corkboard at your desk in your Gmail account, and this star will disappear when you remove the star.
  • When making a message important, you can read the message and mark which emails you open, reply to, use keywords that you usually read, achieve emails, etc.
  • You can hover over the critical icon, and Gmail will instruct you to ask why you want this mark for a particular message as essential and select a reason soon.
  • If you want to start your Gmail account, you have to add a star and leave it on your Gmail account to read the message and reply to this mail quickly. 
  • When you start your email in Gmail, you can mark them as necessary that helps you to look at them as essential emails and use that at your required time quickly. 

For further information related to the difference between starred and important in Gmail, contact its customer service team to assist you at your required time efficiently. 


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