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How Do I Call Bellsouth (AT&T) for Customer Service?

Bellsouth is one of the finest and most popular telecommunication companies, which is based in many places such as Georgia and Atlanta. The products available for the support of millions of users for a long time are known to be telephone, internet, and television. One major point to consider is that Bellsouth is now become a fully operational and owned subsidiary of AT&T. However, in case you are getting issues with Bellsouth products and its services, then you must contact the Bellsouth customer service team for assistance because once you reach in contact with a live person, you will be able to get guidance.

Bellsouth (AT&T) Service and Contact Numbers with Opening Hours

Besides getting help from the Bellsouth customer service assistant, you should know about the services offered and Bellsouth's phone number, and other information like the opening hours for the Bellsouth customer service team.

  • The services evolved by Bellsouth are internet, digital and landline home phone services, home security, TV, and wireless services. 
  • The contact number for the Bellsouth customer service team is 800-331-0500, and in case you want to connect with internet, or home phone support, then use 800-288-2020 
  • Next, the important point to consider for the opening hours concluded to be 24*7 as the customer service assistant are active round the clock to provide you help for product queries whenever you seek the concerned help.

Ways To Reach Bellsouth Customer Support Team

However, suppose you need to reach numerous ways of Bellsouth so that you can receive appropriate help directly from a customer support team expert. In that case, you must read the following passage, and after that, you will quickly learn about the efficient platforms for making contact.

Through Bellsouth Phone Number: The quickest and finest method to reach a live person at Bellsouth customer service team Bellsouth contact number, which would help you quite smoothly. 

  • First, dial the phone number 800-331-0500 from your registered number.
  • Now, you have to select the language as per your preference. 
  • Listen to all the IVR instructions carefully. 
  • Press the IVR button that converts you to a live representative for getting immediate assistance 
  • At last, your call will connect with a live representative, where you can discuss your query.

Via Bellsouth Chat Support: The chat platform is another best option you can use at Bellsouth customer service. For this service, use the following section steps and get appropriate help from the concerned executive.

  • Visit Bellsouth's official website 
  • Then, tap over the support icon from the menu top right side
  • After that, you have a blue chat icon on the bottom right side of the contact page
  • Tap over it, and you will get introduced to the chat box 
  • Enter your message under the required field and click on send arrow indicated just next to your message field
  • Finally, you will get a response for your issues quite amazingly from a virtual assistant for help.

Henceforth, the above listed are some of the effective ways you can use to contact the customer services of Bellsouth, and on the other hand, there is also one more suitable contact method which is social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How Do I Recover My Bellsouth Net Email?

Bellsouth is one of the webmail service providers that offer the best to their users. From sending messages to saving information, everything is possible with Bellsouth. However, it is vital to make the account more secure. 

There are different ways, like setting a strong password or often changing the password. Though, for this reason, sometimes people forget the password and fail to log in. There could be another reason too, and if you are looking to recover my Bellsouth Net Email steps, then follow the below discussed one. 

Steps To Recover Bellsouth Net Email 

There are some easy-to-direct steps that will take a few minutes. But make sure you direct each and every step. 

  • The first search for “Bellsouth Email forget password page”
  • Now, click on the select password 
  • Mention the details like login information, ID, and along with the last name 
  • There is no need to show the password, even not the last remember one 
  • Click on continue and lead to the password recovery page 
  • Now, select the recover account and you can see the drop-down menu  
  • Here a couple of methods will present through which you can recover the account
  • Click on the “Security question” 
  • Here Bellsouth will ask a few questions that will be basic. You have to answer them correctly 
  • Once you give the answer then you can easily recover the account by setting the new password 
  • Click on continue, and you will receive a mail from Bellsouth as a confirmation email 
  • Password will change only when you allow changing it. Now, click on “Allow” and set a new password 

In this way, you can recover the account. If face any issues or don’t remember the security answer, then Bellsouth email customer service can aid you. You have to contact them and provide evidence that the account belongs to you. For this, you can share the last remember password and name of the user

How Do I Access My BellSouth Account?

Are you new to the Bellsouth account? And are you unable to get access to your account?  Well, Bellsouth accounts by A&T are quite famous for their services and in-mail features. Besides, one can easily get access to them and ensure a better emailing experience with these accounts. Also, one can find the in-mail services more satisfying which helps in improvising the workflow. Furthermore, users can also set up the Bellsouth account in their accounts without any hassle. And if you are someone who has also created an account on it, but has no idea how to get access the account in your web browser & mobile app.

Steps To Get Access to Bellsouth Account Online

Bellsouth accounts require you to set up the IMAP and SMTP accounts within your preferred device. With this, you can easily get access to your account. However, if you have no idea about how to set up the IMAP and SMTP settings, then you can contact Bellsouth customer service for better assistance. Moreover, you can follow the steps mentioned below to get access to your Bellsouth account.

  • First, head over to the AT&T email services on Yahoo mail via using any of your preferred web browsers.
  • Next, click on the Check Mail link to head over to the AT&T user Login page, then you’ll need to enter the Bellsouth account credentials.
  • Hence, enter the email address and the password linked to your Bellsouth account in the "Email" & “password” fields.
  • At last, click on the "Sign In" button to continue to log into your BellSouth email account.

In the event, that you still have been facing issues with your Bellsouth account, then you can contact the live experts on Bellsouth customer service. They’ll surely assist you with the best solutions and information to get you access to your account or troubleshoot login issues.


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