HP Printer Customer Service

How Do I Talk to Someone at HP?

If you are using any HP product and want to discuss an updated version or while using an HP printer or laptop, you face some issues; you can contact HP customer support in the following ways:

HP Contact Numbers & Services with Opening Hours

HP manufactures products that can be bought for home and office purposes. For example, you can buy laptops, printers, and other HP items for personal use or in bulk for the office. Moreover, you can contact HP for different reasons, so HP customer support has given separate numbers for queries as follows:

  • For home customers: 1 800 108 4747
  • For business customers: 1 800 108 4746
  • For education store: 1 800 108 4747

You can reach these HP contact numbers from Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm according to your query and receive information and help from HP customer support.

Methods To Reach HP Customer Service

There are several methods to reach customer support at HP, and you can try the ones described below:

By Call: Suppose you are planning to buy an HP printer and want to know about the different kinds of printers HP sells and their benefits and offers; you can call and request detailed information on the desired HP items. Call the HP phone number and try the steps below:

  • Dial HP phone number 1 800-474-6836 or  1 800 108 4746.
  • Follow the IVR carefully.
  • Choose the number related to the query product.
  • Or, choose the key for speaking to someone at HP customer support.

By Live Chat:  You can use the live chat window to talk to someone from HP customer support and receive assistance on the issues you face with the HP product. To get into the online chat:

  • Reach hp.com
  • Click on the support tab
  • Click on the chat window in the corner of the page
  • Choose the query topic appearing on the chat screen
  • Enter your message
  • Start a conversation with the HP customer support person and get the necessary assistance.

By WhatsApp: You can send a message to HP customer support via WhatsApp if there is an urgent requirement. For instance, if your laptop stops working, you can immediately drop a message to HP customer support.

  • Go to WhatsApp from your mobile phone
  • Type your message for assistance
  • Send it to 1 833 750 0500 (WhatsApp)
  • You will receive an instant reply from HP customer support.

Through Social Media: You can contact HP from social media platforms. For general queries or information on any product launch, visit the following HP social media page:

  • https://www.facebook.com/HP/
  • https://twitter.com/HP
  • https://www.instagram.com/hp

Please read the above modes to reach HP customer service for information and assistance.


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