How Do I Speak to a Live Person at QuickBooks

How Do I Talk to a QuickBooks Agent?

Any product or service relating to technology will have some errors and glitches. Though all of them might not be of great concern, the need for customer care becomes way too important for some issues.

Intuit QuickBooks is one of the vastly used accounting software around the globe; Intuit provides many QuickBooks customer service at 1-800-4INTUIT (1-800-446-8848) to help QuickBooks users with any queries and concerns. The sections illustrated below deal with the QuickBooks customer care details, so read on if you want to know more about Quickbooks customer service.

What are The Different QuickBook Customer Service Options?

  1. Intuit provides voice customer support and live chat service to its QuickBooks users. 
  2. One can call the Intuit general support team to get QuickBooks assistance.
  3. Though QuickBooks also has its standalone voice support team, it doesn't have a contact number. Instead, one can schedule a phone call appointment, and the QuickBooks service would call back at that designated time.
  4. The call back can be expected after a delay of a few days. Thus, if you need immediate support, you may use the live chat service of QuickBooks to chat with a support representative.

How Do I Reach Out to QuickBooks Customer Care?

The details of QuickBooks customer care are present on the official Intuit website. The Intuit QuickBooks phone number and the live chat service can be accessed through the above-cited page. One can also go through a plethora of detailed FAQS, self-help articles, video tutorials, etc., before trying to connect to customer care and thus save time and effort.

How Do I Contact QuickBooks by Phone?

  1. One can call the Intuit customer care team by dialing 800-446-8848 the Intuit contact number.
  2. To get this contact number, open the Intuit Homepage and get to this page's end. Click on "Contact Us" under the company menu to open the Intuit "Contact us" page.
  3. The page will list various options but scroll to the middle of the page while looking for the "Product Contact Information" menu.
  4. The Intuit Contact number will be stated on this menu. One can dial 800-446-8848 to get to an Intuit voice representative and seek assistance.

Does QuickBooks have Chat Support?

The above-mentioned "Product Contact Information menu" also has four links for each of the Intuit software, and one of the links is "QuickBooks support team." Click on this link, and the browser will load the QuickBooks support webpage. Choose the topic you seek assistance on, and the QuickBooks chat support menu will come up. The chat session will be initialized by clicking on "Start a Message," The live chat agent will attend to you.

How Do I Request a Call Back from QuickBooks?

  1. If preferred, one can schedule an appointment with a QuickBooks expert from the QuickBooks website.
  2. One can get to the QuickBooks website instead of the Intuit homepage and click on the "Support" menu at the top.
  3. A new webpage will show up on your screen. Select the product and the topic you need assistance on, and the website will give the options to either chat or get a scheduled call back from a QuickBooks expert.
  4. Due to pre-booked appointments, the call back is usually scheduled for a week later. One may use the chat service for faster service if needed.

Alternatives to QuickBooks Customer Support.

The support page has an abundance of video tutorials and other self-help articles for those looking for QuickBooks support. One may go through them or seek the guidance of QuickBooks experts on an online community, though it's always preferable to go through the available articles first

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