Hotmail Password Reset

How Do I Recover My Hotmail Account?

Hotmail is a widely used web application through which one can send mail and save messages. It contains vital information and for this user needs to set a strong password. But, numerous times, users set different passwords for different applications. 

For this, forgetting passwords becomes a common issue. If you have forgotten the password and want to recover my Hotmail account then you have to direct some steps. We have covered them below, you can go through them. 

Steps To Recover Hotmail Account 

Different steps can help you to get quick access to your account. 

  • First, open the login page of Hotmail. You can open this on any devices, like phone and desktop
  • If you want direct access, then you can search for “” on the search engine. With this, you can directly move to the recovery page
  • Now click on “forget password” or recover the account 
  • You have to provide some information, like id and alternative mail id 
  • Once you fill the provided box with necessary details, then click on “Next” 
  • You will receive the verification code on alternative mail 
  • Now, click on the code and move to the recovery page. Make sure you open the mail before getting the code. If you skip the code, then you have to run the steps again
  • You can set a new password and log in 

These are the steps to recover the Hotmail account. Though, in account recovery, you might not have the recovery mail. In that case, you can follow the below-mentioned ways. 

  • Go to the recovery page of Hotmail 
  • Now, select the recovery option as “answer the security questions” It is another way to recover the password 
  • In this, you will see different security. Answer them and you will move to the recovery page
  • Follow the on-screen instruction and set a new password

In these two ways, you can complete the process of Hotmail account recovery. If you find any kind of issues, then you can connect with the support team.

How Can I Speak To Someone about My Hotmail Account

Are you unable to get access to your account on Hotmail? Or facing issues with your emails (send/receive)? Or need any assistance on setting up your Hotmail account? Well, to get quick assistance on any of these issues, you might be looking for ways to talk to the Hotmail live experts. Besides, the Hotmail live person can assist you with various things regarding your email account. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • Hotmail account/password recovery.
  • Any assistance regarding your Hotmail account and email security.
  • Getting help on your account setup on Hotmail (IMAP, POP3/SMTP settings, etc.).
  • Any assistance on recovering Hotmail disabled/blocked accounts.
  • Other problems and queries regarding Hotmail account.

How To Connect with Someone at Hotmail Customer Service? Quick Options

Via Phone

In the event, if you wish to quickly connect with someone at Hotmail tech-support services, then simply dial on the direct helpline number, follow the on-call instructions to reach out to the live experts. Besides they will provide you relevant assistance on your Hotmail account within real-time.

Via Live Chat

The live chat feature will also let you connect with someone at the Hotmail customer support within current time. The experts on the other end of the chat will guide you with relevant information to ensure 100% satisfaction on your account recovery, email issues, etc.

Via Social Media Platforms

The social media handles of Hotmail also help you talk to the experts within no time. You can visit the Hotmail’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram webpages, and get in touch with them through your DMs, Comments, wall-posts, etc. to get quick assistance.

Moreover, if you wish to talk to someone at the Hotmail customer service without any hassle, or in the instant time, then it is highly suggested to opt for the phone support option. With this, you’ll be able to talk to them within real-time, thoroughly discuss your issues with them, and get quick assistance as well. Also, the live experts are available 24/7 through the phone support option, live chat and social media handles.



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