Cisco Router Customer Service

If you have experienced any type of problem with your Cisco Router? Then don’t worry about it, as we are here for your help. You are the right place to get excellent support, just connect with Cisco Router Customer Service team and avail reliable solutions. A team of certified and experienced technical support experts are able to provide quickly troubleshoot steps to your problems associated Cisco Router.

Issues which resolved by Cisco Router Customer Service:-


  1. Cisco router installation and un-installation issues
  2. Router performance issue
  3. Wired and wireless Cisco router setup & configuration glitches
  4. Password recovery issue
  5. Router password resets/change issue
  6. Cisco router driver issues
  7. Support for the adding new device and so on

How to Connect Cisco Router to PC?

If any users want to know that how they can connect cisco router to their PC, so they can follow the given below simple steps.

  1. First of all, turn ON your PC and then connect the Cisco Router to your PC by using of Rollover or Rolled Ethernet cable.
  2. Then connect another end of rollover cable to console port of the router
  3. Then Router connected to PC.
  4. Then you must need communication, so use software (Hyperterm, Teraterm and other) to login into the Router.
  5. Next, you can start the Hyper-Terminal to establish a console connection and configure the device.
  6. On your PC, go to “Start” button, then choose “Program”, then “Accessories”, then “Communications” and then “Hyper terminal”.
  7. Now you must enter any name for the new connection. Then click “Ok” button in twice time.
  8. Select the communications port COM1 or COM2 in the Hyper Terminal, whichever is open on your PC.
  9. On the “Port settings” window, go to “Bit per second” section and choose 9600 from the drop down list. Then go to “Flow Control” and choose “None” and then click “OK” button.
  10. Now hit “Enter” key and you should be connected to your Cisco device console port.
  11. In the console, enter the command which mentioned below.
  12. R1>en
  13. R1#show version and the enter key.
  14. Then Cisco Router will show a full description about software and version.
  15. You can do tasks according to your needs in the console.

In this way, you can efficiently and effectively connect the Cisco Router to your PC.

Cisco Router Technical Support Number

But, if the users as you have any confusion or problem to follow the above steps, so you should connect with Cisco Router Technical Support team to get comprehensive support. The proficient experts will provide you step-by-step instructions to solve in a short time. Hence, connect us now with experienced experts to get urgent help for issues, as they are available 24x7 days.

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