Opera Mini Customer Service

Opera Mini is a light web browser designed specifically for mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and smartphones. The browser is super-fast and loads web pages much faster than most of the browsers available today.

Why Install Opera Mini?

Opera Mini comes in handy for a number of reasons, as follows:

·         Fast performance: The web browser delivers super-fast performance. It compresses the content before sending it forward and blocks unwanted browser ads on Android devices. Thus, the content is received speedily, even on slow connections.

·         Complete online experience: Due to Opera Mini’s compression technology, the web browser renders tremendous online experience. From vivid pictures, memes to animations, the browser offers it all without loss on speed or data allowance issues.

·         Incognito browsing: Opera Mini lets you browse the internet in the incognito mode, so that you can work on private tabs. And the browser history is not saved as well.

·         Online data syncing: The web browser allows you to sync your devices with your Opera account, so that you can access your data from anywhere you want.

·         Native ad blocker: Opera Mini has its own ad blocker that blocks all undesirable ads on your devices.

·         Video downloading: Opera Mini provides a video download feature for saving video clips from social media and other sites right to your devices.

·         Data saving: The web browser offers an extreme mode to boost speed on poor networks and data savings.

·         Night mode: The browser provides a night mode that reduces eye strain while you are reading late in the night.

·         Customizations: Opera Mini offers various colorful themes that are suitable for an instant makeover of the browser.

Easy steps to Download Opera Mini via Opera Mini Customer Service

  1. To download Opera Mini, you need a phone that connects to the internet. Phones use different access points to connect to the internet. A majority of phones are preconfigured with an internet access point allowing the devices to connect to the internet. Contact your service provider in case your device does not have an access point configured.
  2. In case you use an iPhone, go to the App Store. If you use an Android phone, open the Google Play Store. It is important to notice that you require a working data connection to access these stores. In case of limited data plan, download apps over a Wi-Fi network.
  3. In the store’s Search bar, enter Opera Mini. The relevant results matching the query are displayed. Tap the result that says Opera Mini browser.

Quick assistance to Install Opera Mini via Opera Mini Customer Support

  1. Tap the INSTALL button once the correct result is matched. Enter your password if required. The browser needs permissions to operate. Before installing, you need to review and accept the same.
  2. Once you have tapped the INSTALL button, the installer installs the browser showing the progress. After the installation finishes, the icon of the Opera Mini browser appears on the Home screen or App Drawer. Run the browser and make it default, if required. Notice that it is not possible to change the default browser if you are using iPhone.

For more details, call on Opera Mini customer support helpline phone number.


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