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Iphone is the best product launched by An Apple. It has its own operating system and allow various apps to run smoothly in the iPhone. As we know, the device often faces lots of problems. Here we will discuss about the issue and its solution step by step.

What to do if your iPhone device’s screen stuck in between?

If your screen stuck in between then you must try these mention steps and get resolve your issue within no time 

  • Restart your iPhone by pressing and holding the Home button along with On/Off button, then wait for a time being and you will get your iPhone in a working condition.
  • Sometimes screen protector obstructs the screen to operate properly, so remove the screen protector and then check your iPhone screen.
  • If these procedure doesn’t work, it means your iPhone has touch diseases. In Touch disease, the IC chip break away from the board or partial loosing of the connection. If this happen and you press harder to your screen, the iPhone screen will start working but this is not recommended bcoz hard pressing the screen may damage your iPhone. The best method is you should visit nearest Apple store and fix it there, if your device is in warranty period then no charges will be taken but if out of warranty then you have to pay.

If you have face any difficulties during these steps, then don’t worry about that and contact on iPhone customer service number to get the informative solutions from the experts team of iPhone. These technicians provides you a world class help on various types of issues.

How the iPhone has turned off automatically?

There may be various cause, might be due to software issue or other. What you should do,when you encounter this problem, the answer is all here.

  • First drain your iPhone battery to zero and charge it to full. This usually works when there is a problem regarding battery indicator.
  • If the previous step didn’t worked then restore your iPhone. To restore the iPhone is an easy job, but before doing the same prepare a back up. Now to restore first connect your device with computer and then open iTunes, create backup from the iTunes after creating backup,select restore iPhonne from iTunes options.
  • The iphone will restart after completing the restore process.
  • If further the problem didn’t solved then you must visit to the nearest Apple service centre or contact to the customer support desk of an Apple.

If user feel any doubt or any technical glitches while processing these steps then they need to connect with the technical support team of iPhone. iPhone technical support team provides you online information and a proper assistance to reslove your technical gltches in your iPhone.

How to syncronize your Gmail account in iPhone?

You may often face this kind of problem ,the steps mentioned below will guide you “how you can syncronize you iPhone with Gmail Account”?

  • Open the browser from your iPhone and log in to your Gmail Account, fill the correct details as it will go for 2 verification process.
  • Once you had accessed your account,then delete your Gmail account from iPhone device setting .
  • Now download Google Calender from the App store and open it,if it’s working well means it’s syncronized and if further the problem remains same then contact to the technical support centre.

Hope the steps above help you to syncronize your Gmail account into iPhone. For more information, online help, guidance and instructions on how to update your iPhone, how to reset your iPhone password and many other issues you can just contact to iPhone customer service number and get unlimited online help for your iPhone device. Assistance is offered by highly experienced and well qualified customer support engineers.

How to import the Outlook contacts on the iPhone device?

If user wants to import their Outlook email contacts on iPhone device then he or she may follow these mention steps to troubleshoot your issue with this easy way

  • First you have to export the contacts from Outlook.
  • First open Outlook and then go to files,
  • select options and then go for advanced and click on Export.
  • Export dialogue box will appear, select Export to file and click next.
  • select comma seperated values from the dialogue box and click next.
  • Outlook contacts will appear on the screen, select the same and click next.
  • Now save the files in your computer .
  • Connect your iPhone with your computer .
  • Open trans copy contacts and on the top you will find import contact option,click on the same.
  • Select a file and save it to the desired location in your iPhone.

If you are unable to do these steps then you may get help from the technical support team of iPhone. They are available round the clock.

What is the reason of getting the red screen?

The official reason is yet not disclosed by an Apple. The expert and the engineers expecting that problem might be due to software, hardware or camera flex. Still everyone is waiting for an official statement.
If you are facing red screen issue then iPhone technical support team will provide you a solution and hence will allow your iPhone to works smoother.


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