iPhone is not working after update, How to fix it

As you all are aware that Apple has recently launched iOS 11 to the general public. This is known that the new updates not only upgrades the phones, ease out the working of the device but all brings along so many new features which is too good and some of them are Screen records, Siri Typing and translation and many more. But at the same time this update brings lots and lots of issues as well. Here in this particular artivle we will discuss that after the update of the Apple is done still the the device is not working.If you have been using the Apple devices for a long time now then you must be aware that there are a lot of iOS problems.

When we see that the Iphone is not working properly and as we know this Apple product is a little difficult to handle then we tend to contact the iPhone customer service number where all the help will be provided.

How to fix if iPhone is not working after update

Provided below are the some of the ways to try sort the problem of Iphone not working even after the update is done:

  1. Change to different network:  Iphone is not working,  here in such situation while working on the device if the Safari goes blank, then do try to change to a different network. Before you are using the Safari you should make sure that the device is properly connected with the Internet either Wi-fi or the Cellular network will do.
  2. Resetting Network Settings: If you face any kind of issue such as Network Settings. Then you can try to reset the netwok settings to default by just Settings>>General>>Reset>>Reset Network Settings. After doing this all the Wi-fi login info will be lost.
  3. Clear all the Safari History and data: In order to fix the Safari History and other information we have our iPhone tech support phone number and if this does not help then this will help in proper functioning of the device by doing  this Settings>>Safari>>Clear History and other data. But by doing this all the browsing history and other customised functions will be lost.
  4. Restart the iOS Device: As we are using the device without any break which all day then one step which we rarely perform is the restarting of the device which gives a chance to all processess to close and start again.

Why do we have Iphone helpline number:

Iphone helpline number is available 24*7 which is why they take care of the user by not the user to avail help over the call but at the same over the live chat and emails too.


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