Internet not connecting

The Internet is Not Connecting

The Internet is the network that uses the world wide web to connect the different electronic devices. It is the globally available computer network that keeps us updated and informed about the surroundings, news, information and many other details. It is the network that has an abundance of information on every topic that is known or unknown to the knowledge of man. Even this piece of information that you are reading is because of the connection of the internet. This consists of private, public, governmental, business and many other networks are made available to us in form of websites. It is generally linked with the number of wires and other networking devices. It consists of a vast range of information whether it is hyperlinked texts, documents, applications, electronic mails, online calling and connecting with family and many other vital uses of our daily lives.
Since its foundation, it has become an integral part of our lives. Now even smartphones have been introduced that require the internet for its proper usage. Internet now has become an indispensable part all over the world.

When the internet is not connected to the device then some of the device functions may hamper. Here in this article, we shall explain the steps if the internet is not connecting in different electronic devices.

Internet not connecting in Laptop

While working on a presentation on a laptop, you find that your internet is not connecting and you check the router and internet source and find that internet service provider is perfectly fine. You then restart your laptop and check that whether it worked or not and still internet is not connecting in the laptop. You can contact the service provider of the internet for the speed but still, the issue is not resolved. Here are the steps to fix the issue. Before continuing to make sure that your laptop is connected to the router.

  1. Go to control panel and click to “Network and Internet”.
  2. Click on “Network and Sharing” and then go on “Manage Wireless Network”.
  3. Select “Remove Network” when the connected wireless network displays.
  4. Now close all the windows and restart your laptop.
  5. When the laptop is reloaded, scan the wifi networks available and enter the password.
  6. Select “Connect” and wait for the network to respond.

Your network has now been connected.

Internet not connecting in Windows 10.

If your personal computer has Windows 10 installed, and you are not able to connect with the internet then this space is for you. Follow the steps below:

  1. Check the basic system settings. This may include checking the wifi router. Switching off and then switching on the router will help. Then switch off the wifi from the system and then switch on. Also, check whether your PC is general or aeroplane mode. PC on aeroplane mode may also hinder the internet connections.
  2. Use the windows troubleshooter. Allow windows to fix the problem by selecting “Identity and Repair Network Problems” in the “Network Problems” section of the setting in the PC. This will automatically fix the problem.
  3. Network troubleshooter can also diagnose and help fix the connection problem. The combination of the following commands shall help you fix the internet not connecting in windows 10 issue:
    A). Type netsh winsock reset and press enter.
    B). Type netsh int ip reset and press enter.
    C). Type ipconfig/Release and press enter.
    D). Type ipconfig/Renew and press enter.
    E). Type ipconfig/flushdns and press enter.
    F). These commands need to be typed in command prompt from the administrator settings.  
  4. Restart your internet source or router and check now.  

The internet should be now connected in your windows 10 computer. I also found that the above steps were applied when the internet was not connecting to my PC. Hence, the same steps can be followed by the Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 laptops and computers.

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