How To Verify Paypal Account

A Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide on How To Verify PayPal Account 

PayPal, as you might know, is one of the popular online payment systems that offer easy money transfer in a safe and secure environment. Lately, there are many users who have a query on what is the need to verify the PayPal account. Well, for the users who are not aware, a verified PayPal account is free from restrictions like lower sending amounts or fees. 

How To Verify a PayPal Account? 

There are many users who have a query regarding how to verify my Paypal account, so help out the users, here are the detailed instructions that one can follow to easily get their PayPal account verified. 

  • To initiate the account verification process, the user is required to visit the official login page of PayPal. 
  • Now, the user is required to login to their account and proceed. 
  • Then, the user needs to click on the Summary tab and click on how much you can send using PayPal. 
  • After that, click on the Lift limits option and proceed with the process. 
  • Further, click on the Get started option and provide the details of the bank account. 
  • And then provide the routing number and verify the small amounts of deposits added to the PayPal account. 
  • Once done, the user is required to link their debit card and credit card with the account and provide the expiration details along with the card details. 
  • Besides, the verification process for the PayPal account varies from country to country. Thus, follow the provided instructions to complete the verification process. 

Thus, this is the complete process of how a user can perform Paypal account verification. In case, if the user fails to verify their PayPal account, they can contact the PayPal help center for assistance and seek for required assistance and quickly verify their account. 

So, if your PayPal account is not yet verified then make sure you get in verified and easily make payments without any interruptions and payment limits. 

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