How to unlock Google account

Know about the method for unlocking the locked Google or Gmail account !!

Many a times, gmail account of the user's gets blocked because of various reasons and for this the user needs an appropriate solution to unblock it instantly. Therefore, so as to unblock gmail account user needs to follow the below mentioned steps.

On the other hand, gmail user's can also dial the Google helpline phone number for getting relevant details about this topic. This number is available all day long and can be used for seeking best and relevant assistance for issues related to unblocking gmail account problems.

Therefore, mentioned below are the steps for unblocking gmail accounts :

  • The user should firstly launch any web browser on their systems and should go to the gmail sign in page.
  • The user then is required to click on the help option that is mentioned below the sign in option.
  • The user will then see three options on their screen once they select the help menu. The three options namely are :
  • I don’t know my password.
  • I don’t know my username.
  • I’m having other problems signing in.
  • User then is supposed to select on the most relatable option that is concerning their issue.
  • Now, here the question is to unblock gmail account, so for this the user need to click on the third option and i.e. I’m having other problem signing in.
  • Once the user select on this option they need to go to the next step and should proceed further.
  • The user is then required to mention their gmail account address in the given space correctly.
  • Also the user is required to make sure that the email credential is entered in the correct way. From there click on continue.
  • The user is also supposed to enter the captcha that is displayed on the screen in the given box.
  • Lastly, the user will get various instructions for unlocking their gmail account, they simply need to follow the onscreen options to complete the unlocking process.

Hence, for this purpose the Google customer service phone number can be dialed by the user at any hour of the day. The respective customer service team is available throughout the day so as to solve queries of the user's immediately.

Furthermore, this blocking issue of gmail occurs because of several reasons and many times makes the issue more severe for the user. Some of the basic reasons for this issue are given below and also the user can get to know about this from the representatives available on Google toll free number.

Reasons for gmail account getting blocked are :

  • Configuration problems related to the account.
  • Gmail signed in on various systems.
  • Getting spam messages from various websites.
  • Account getting hacked.

So, these are the reasons due to which user's gmail accounts gets blocked. There are also various reasons concerning the password of the account and many more. Therefore, to get more information on this the user can make a call on the Google support phone number and can get their information whenever they want to.

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