How To Lock My Facebook Profile Picture

What is The Method To Lock The Profile Picture on Facebook?

Do you want to know the process to lock your Facebook profile picture? Recently Facebook has introduced a new feature that allows the users to lock profile pictures and keep their accounts safer than before. Facebook has included this feature to ensure more safety to the users from being a victim of a fake account by the fraudsters. In the past few years, many Facebook users have complained that a fake account has been created by some fraudsters using their profile picture. These people then use the fake account to defraud the friends of the victim whose profile picture they are using on Facebook. To control such frauds, Facebook allows locking profile picture. Those who are willing to learn that how to Locked my Facebook profile can collect further details from below.

Learn The Procedure To Lock Your Facebook Profile Picture?

As Facebook has added the feature to lock profile picture quite recently, many people don’t have correct knowledge about it. Therefore to learn about how Locked my Facebook profile picture follow the procedure from below:

First Method To Lock Profile Picture

  • First of all, you have to access official webpage of Facebook on a browser
  • Further login to your Facebook account by entering user ID and password
  • Then navigate to your profile picture from the top left side of menu
  • After that, click on your Facebook profile picture to view it
  • Further navigate to the options tab and choose Turn on profile picture guard from popup
  • Hereafter, a badge will show on your Facebook profile picture indicating that its locked

Second Method To Lock Profile Picture

  • Access the Facebook website and go to the account login section
  • Then login to your registered account by providing user ID and password
  • Further you have to look for the Facebook help option on the top right menu
  • Then scroll down the list under Help center and tap on Privacy shortcuts option
  • Next a popup will appear on which you have to choose see more settings option
  • After that, you have to ensure that no option is marked as everyone or public
  • Or else choose edit tab to change the option to friends that is marked as public or everyone
  • At last, save the settings for locking your Facebook profile picture

So the complete details about the information you are looking for that how to Locked my Facebook picture for saving from fraudsters is provided above. Besides, in case you encounter any issue while locking profile picture on Facebook account, feel free to connect to their customer service center for receiving proper assistance from a live agent.

How to Lock Facebook Profile on iPhone?

Facebook is gaining momentum day by day with the increase in in the number of users. By increasing the number of users the corporation is introducing various measures to create the stability in privacy checking. There are many privacy tools in facebook. With keeping in mind the certain things like third party app access, deleting the off-activity & the two factor authentication. There are also various times of customized privacy features which changes according to the requirements the users. In simple words there are innumerable privacy features in the facebook app which is serving its users in preventing any kind of data breaches. Many facebook users don't know about the feature of locking the facebook profile for privacy measures. It helps in preventing anyone from taking your personal details. In this article we will highlight the process of lock facebook Profile on iphone.

Following are the steps for locking the Facebook profile on iphone:

  1. Firstly open the Facebook app and go to your account.
  2. Then sign into the account by your login credentials.
  3. After completion of the second step you have to tap three small dots which are next behind your profile photo.
  4. In this step choose the option of Lock Profile.
  5. After selecting the option of locking profile your profile gets locked.

You can also lock the Facebook profile on various other platforms which  given below:

Android Devices:

It is similar in comparison to the iPhone in which you have to select the option of lock profile after opening up your account and clicking on the menu option.

Web version:

  1. Firstly go to the and login your account by using the credentials.
  2. Now after coming on the next page  select the menu option & choose the option of select & privacy which is at the top right corner.
  3. In this step tap on the privacy checkup.
  4. After coming in the privacy checkup you can easily customize your Facebook settings according to your requirements.
  5. It is the customize version of setting and the process takes place according to the needs of the users.

We have seen various ways to lock facebook profile in this article Now, the users can use the method according to their choice of the platform.

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