How To Delete Blank Page in Word

Learn a Very Simple Method To Delete a Blank Page in Word

Microsoft Word is known as a word processor which is developed by Microsoft. It also comes with a Graphical word processing program that users can type significantly. The main objective of using Word allows users to type and save documents on your computer device appropriately. If you are the user of Microsoft Word and using your Windows and Mac device, can start typing and save documents to transfer to anyone at any time. Sometimes, you might face trouble with Microsoft Word users that may run into this problem from time to time shows a blank page either in the middle or at the end of the document that you unable to delete.

If you are noticing some of the extra pages that you don’t require to use and want to delete them, you must choose them to select and press CTRL+G to delete. If you don’t know how to delete a blank page in word and looking for assistance, you must read the method provided by the tech support team.

Following Are The Ways To Delete a Blank Page in Microsoft Word Simply:

  • At first, make sure that you have opened Microsoft word to use and go to the blank page that you are showing on the page.
  • Select one page and press the backspace button to remove the page which is a basic method to do it perfectly.
  • If it does not accept your command then go to the view tab and select the Navigation pane in the show column and select the bank page.
  • Now you must press the delete key until it is removed and you must check out the entire blank page to delete.
  • You can also go to the page layout option and click on the Margins button and select column margins.
  • Click on the layout button that is showing on the drop-down menu on the next section and select the new page.
  • After completing the task carefully you need to click on the OK button at the end of the task.  

For additional help in connection to delete blank pages in word, you must contact our Microsoft tech support team that is available to help you at any time. So not to worry when you find something wrong with your Microsoft Word, you are required to contact our techies who are available to help you at any time.

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