How to create account in EarthLink Email?

Know About EarthLink Create Account

You may be tempted by the services of EarthLink email and may want to access its services for getting your daily routine or task done. To use the services of EarthLink, email users will first need to purchase EarthLink high speed or EarthLink dial, and after making a successful purchase, users can follow the below pointed rational procedure to create a new email account else. They can also seek assistance from EarthLink customer service.

Steps To Create EarthLink Account

  • Users can, first of all, create a choice of their mail by entering the desired mail address in the box which is named “Desired email address.” Users who are unable to get the desired email address can seek assistance from the EarthLink Customer Support team.
  • Users can then create and confirm a strong and secure password for the account by entering the same in Password and Confirm Password boxes. Users should use the correct combination of characters, symbols, and numerals for a strong password.
  • Users will then need to save some of the security questions' answers in the box named “Security Word.”
  • When pursuing each and above explained details successfully then, users can simply click on the “Create Account” button to submit their information to EarthLink and enjoy unlimited mailing operations.

What Needs To Be Done To Create a New Email Account?

Some of the users may get their minds busted when following the above-mentioned steps. They may face a tremendous amount of complexities when following the above-mentioned steps. Such users are advised to chill and relax as they can now get immediate assistance from the immensely qualified and skilled technicians from the customer support department only by dialing the 24/7 EarthLink Customer Service number. The quick and easy guide will be offered to the users by the masters of the domain. They troubleshoot any of the user's issues through different technical support modes: remote assistance, onsite assistance, live chatting, and mail support.

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