How to block spam emails on iCloud

How Can I Stop Spam Emails on iCloud

iCloud is the service provided by Apple. With this, the user can store various things such as files, photos, passwords, notes, and other data in the cloud. It also helps the user for their device's fast and smooth work. Some unwanted emails come from unwanted sources, and users have problems with that. These mails create problems in the device, and sometimes the device starts hanging due to this. Many users want to know how to  Stop spam emails on iCloud within a very systematic manner.

Different Ways To Stop Spam Emails on iCloud 

Delete spam: Deleting the spam or mark as spam helps the users free the space. After using the mark as spam or spam report, the disturbing element will not disturb the user again and again.

Keep your email address private: With the help of this, you will secure your email account from hacking, and other people can't find your account quickly. 

Use a third-party spam filter: These are the features that can be implemented quickly and provide accurate spam and unwanted email protection; you can easily recognize and filter emails that go unopened. It provides dynamic protection from new threats.

Keep your mailing list clear. Keeping the mailing list clear helps the user maintain the storage in the device and improves the fast working of the device with the help of this low spam mail comes. 

Change the password: The password needs to be changed at a regular interval; it will help protect your contact information for various services and every service that uses your email address.

Steps That The User Needs to Follow To Stop The Spam Emails on iCloud 

  • At first, the user needs to go to the iCloud website in the preferred web browser. 
  • Fill in the email id and password in the given space to sign in to your account.
  • Now you have to Select that Mail you want to open in iCloud Mail. After this, you need to click on the message from the mail address you want to be blocked.
  • Open the settings option, choose the rules, and select the option of rules tab.
  • After doing this, the selected Mail will immediately be blocked. 
  • Finally, you have to click on the option of doing.

With the help of the steps mentioned earlier, the user will be able to solve the problem of Blocking spam emails on iCloud still, and the user has any queries left. They can contact the official representative of the service. 

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