How to block spam emails on Cox email

Block spam emails on your Cox email by following these mentioned steps !!

Cox emails have been provided by the Cox communication company that not only provides emails but also offers internet services, TV services and many more facilities to the people. This company is overall an American organization that also has various subsidiaries of Cox enterprises.
To get more brief details on Cox communication and its services, one can contact on the Cox Customer Service Number and can get their information whenever they want to.
On the other hand the existing users of the Cox email, many a times complaints that they are getting various spam emails on their account that is creating issues for them. For this the users can disable the spam and can even block the sender by whom the spam is being received. If the users want specific answers then they can call on the Cox Technical Support Phone Number and can get in touch with the technical representatives who will provide the assistance in all technical queries.

How to block spam emails on Cox email ?

Therefore, to block spam emails on Cox emails the best way is to block the sender. For doing this the users should simply follow these steps :


  1. Go to the Cox email webpage.
  2. The users are required to enter their Cox email address and also the account password correctly.
  3. Select on the sign in menu.
  4. By doing this the users will be directed to the Cox webmail home screen page.
  5. Then, the users are supposed to select on the settings option that is displayed on the menu bar at the top of that particular page.
  6. Now, the users need to click on the allow and block messages that is in the webmail settings option.
  7. By selecting on this option the users will be directed to the advanced blocking features menu.
  8. Select on the button so that the advanced blocking features will be activated.
  9. The blocking page will be opened and a list of all the senders will be shown.
  10. In that page the users need to enter the sender’s email address who they want to block.
  11. Now go to the blocked mail actions menu and select on delete mail from blocked senders.
  12. By doing this the spam emails from that sender will automatically get deleted.
  13. Select on ok to confirm the change.

Besides, the Cox Tech Support Phone Number can also be called upon by the users so as to talk with the technicians related to any issue regarding the Cox emails.

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