Why am I not receiving a confirmation code from Facebook

Here’s Why You Are Not Receiving Confirmation Code From Facebook

When you are unable to get the confirmation code from Facebook, then it might become pretty troubling to recover your account. Besides, the confirmation code is quite important for your account verification during the password reset or account recovery process. However, not getting the confirmation code is a common issue and it can happen due to various reasons.

Now, if you are also not Receiving a confirmation code from Facebook, then worry not as this post will help you with fixing the issue. Also, you’ll get to learn about the causes due to which you might not be able to receive it.

Reasons Why You Are Unable To Receive The Confirmation Code From Facebook

The following are the major reasons due to which you might not be able to receive confirmation code from Facebook.

  • Internet issues
  • Incorrect email domain
  • Mail box filters
  • SMS carrier issues
  • Insufficient SMS space
  • SMS filtering services

Still, wondering Why am I not receiving a confirmation code? Well, then read further and get to learn about the top tips to fix the problem.

Tips To Fix Confirmation Code Problems On Facebook

  • You can first check your internet connection for better connectivity, and get getting confirmation code on your FB account recovery email. You can hit the link for getting confirmation code via email.
  • In case, if you opt for confirmation code via text option, then make sure that you have enough space in your phone’s text storage.
  • Also, if you have used any Mail box filters in your email box, then you should try disabling them as sometimes your important email (including the one with confirmation code) might move to the junk or spam folder.
  • Moreover, you should use the known device for your account recovery and getting the confirmation code for the same.

Furthermore, if you are still not Receiving a confirmation code from Facebook, then you can contact the tech team at Facebook for better assistance.



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