What is The Use of Snooze in Gmail

Gmail Snooze - Save Your Message for Later.

Gmail, a free email service application, has a more than 1.5 billion active user base. Gmail allows you to exchange and store messages, thus keeping a chain of information as a conversation thread. Gmail also ensures data protection to its users as it keeps a tight check on spam messages. Launched in 2004, Gmail has become the prime platform for email exchange for every person worldwide. Its simple and easy-to-understand user interface is one of the key reasons people love to use Gmail.

Gmail has a long list of features to offer like automatic filtration of emails, smart replies, keeping a note on events, and a lot more. Emails come in almost the entire day, sometimes at really busy times. To keep informing you about your important emails, Gmail provides another useful feature: Snooze. Use of Snooze in Gmail can help you keep track of your crowded inbox by allowing you to save an email for later. The snooze feature mainly helps those who remain busy with the heavy exchange of emails. 

Use of Snooze-

The snooze feature basically reminds you when to reply to a particular mail. You can select a pre-selected or customized time for the mail as per your choice, and the email will pop up as a notification.

Whenever you snooze an email, it will disappear and get stored in the Snoozed mails folder, present at the sidebar menu of Gmail. You can check directly from the folder or pop up as per the selected time.

The snooze feature also acts as a filter for the emails present in the inbox. You can prioritize the important messages and delay sending not-so-important messages.  

Steps to snooze an email on a web browser-

  1. Open your Gmail account.
  2. Point your cursor over the email; you want to snooze.
  3. A clock icon will appear on the far right side of the subject line. Click the ''Clock'' icon.
  4. Please choose your desired time, and that mail will pop up in your inbox again.

Steps to snooze an email on a mobile device-

  1. Open the Gmail app from your mobile phone's application store.
  2. Tap and hold on to the email you want to snooze. In a second, the top search bar will be replaced by a menu bar, including four options: a file, trash can, a letter, and three dots.
  3. Select the three dots icon and tap on the snooze button.
  4. Select the date and time you want to be reminded.
  5. The mail will pop up in your inbox again. 

Hopefully, the above-mentioned points and steps can help you understand

what snooze does in Gmail? If you want to learn more about the snooze features, kindly get in touch with Gmail's customer support center to get more information about the snooze feature.


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