Resolve Your Hotmail Not Working Issue

Here’s What to Do When Hotmail Is Unable to Work on Google Chrome & iPhone: 2020

Any email client lets you communicate effortlessly for both personal & professional purposes across the world. Email services such as Hotmail is one of the finest email clients is the world and provides great in-mail features and other services to the users all around the world. But what makes it better because of its universal compatibility with all the device and web browsers. However, sometimes users do face issues while using it one their devices and web browsers.

Well, this could be a result of few technical issues that occurs on their systems and they can be easily resolved too. However, most of the users use Google Chrome to get access to their Hotmail email account due to its flexible features and advances browsing experience. Additionally, iPhone users have also shown interest for Hotmail accounts and enjoy their accounts in their device. So, if you are some who has been using your Hotmail accounts on both Google Chrome and iPhone then read this article further to understand the reasons, issues and their solutions for fixing the Hotmail not working problem.

Common Hotmail issues that occurs on both Google Chrome & iPhone: 2020

Not many users know about the common issues that might be related to their “not working” Hotmail accounts. However, the occurrence of the issues may depend on their devices and web browsers. So, mentioned below are some of the common issues that are reported by users as in Hotmail not working on chrome and iPhone devices in 2020.

  • Crash issues of Hotmail accounts
  • Hotmail Accounts are unable to Respond today stopped working
  • Accounts are not opening or freezing
  • Users are unable to login to their Hotmail accounts
  • Password reset & recovery issues
  • User ID identification and recovery issues
  • Hotmail accounts are unable to send or receive emails

So What Are Reasons That Causes Hotmail Login Issues

Well, the issues due to which your Hotmail stopped working can depend on different reasons. This is why you must know about the exact reason that has caused your Hotmail account such problem. Here have a look at some of them.

  • Incompatible web browser issue
  • An outdated Web browser that is unable to open Hotmail website
  • Device incompatibility with Hotmail versions
  • Hotmail mobile application is incompatible or is not up-to-date.
  • JavaScript is not active on your web browser
  • Web browser is overloaded with too many caches and cookies
  • Hotmail is unable to work due to an antivirus or third-party applications installed in your device
  • Poor internet connection and server outage
  • Hotmail account is either suspended, blocked or compromised

Top Solutions To Resolve Hotmail Issues 2020

You can follow the solutions mentioned below to fix the Hotmail not working in your Google Chrome and iPhone.

  • Check Your Internet connection

So, this is the most basic thing that you need to do before going forward with other solutions to fix the Hotmail issues in your web browser and Apple device. In case, if you are using the Wi-Fi connection that is not working, then simply use the mobile data.

  • Clear The Cache Files On Google Chrome

If you use your Hotmail account via the Google Chrome app in your iPhone device then also you can use the listed steps to fix the issue.

  1. Navigate to the Settings section in your Chrome browser and then look for the History option
  2. Head over to the Chrome Settings and then find the History option
  3. Here, hit the “Clear Browsing Data” option and then the cache files options
  4. Select the cache and cookies files checkbox and then click on the Clear data button to remove the files
  5. Restart your Chrome and then get access to your Hotmail account
  • Remove Any Third-Party Application Installed In Your System & iPhone

If there is any antivirus and third-party application installed on your iPhone and PC device then you’ll need to uninstall it. In this way, you’ll be to get rid of any issue that is associated with your Hotmail account.

Moreover, if you need any further information on your Hotmail not working then contact the tech support and get better assistance.

Hotmail Not Working on Mac? Here’s How to Fix It With Simple Steps

Do you access all your important emails through Hotmail on your Mac? But suddenly it has stopped working and showing the unwanted errors? Then don’t think too much as it is one of the most common issues that every user face once in a while. There could be numerous reasons behind the not working issue of Hotmail on Mac and you can easily fix with the help of instant troubleshooting. If you don’t know how to fix your Hotmail not working issue on Mac, then you can follow the mentioned instructions and resolve this problem very quickly.

Quick Solutions to Fix Hotmail not working on Mac Problem:

Solution 1: Reset your Mac settings

By resetting the settings of your Mac, you can simply resolve the not working issue of Hotmail on your Mac. For this, you can follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Apple icon available at the top side.
  • Click on the System Preference option.
  • Now you can click on the General Settings tab.
  • Now click on the Reset tab and then wait until the reset process complete.

Solution 2: Remove and re-add your Hotmail account

You can also re-add your Hotmail account in your Mac again with the help of below instructions and fix this issue:

  • First of all, you need to remover the Hotmail account from your Mac.
  • Now go to the Settings and then select Account option.
  • Click on Add Account and then select Microsoft from the list of service providers.
  • Now you can enter your username and password into the given field.
  • After that, wait for the re-configuration and then you can simply access your Hotmail account.

After following these above-given steps, Hotmail not working on Mac issue will be resolved in a very effective manner. In case you find any sort of problem during the process, then you must require contacting the customer support team of Hotmail for valuable assistance.

Why is Hotmail Sign in Not Working

Initiated in the 1990s, Hotmail is one of the most popularly used mailing services. If you are a Hotmail user, you might be aware of its amazing features that include easy to access mailing services, a fast processing interface, and account security and recovery options. However, sometimes you might encounter some errors due to which you are unable to access your account. This Hotmail not working issue can lead to a temporary halt to your mailing services. If you are also facing such problems in accessing or signing into your account, read ahead to know about the methods to fix it.

What are the reasons due to which your Hotmail sign-in is not working?

There are multiple reasons due to which you are facing issues while accessing your Hotmail account. Some of the probable reasons due to which you are facing this error are:

  • Low internet and network connectivity in your area
  • The Hotmail version is incompatible with your web browser
  • Entering the wrong user account credentials
  • Issues related to excessive cache memory and cookies
  • Incorrect account configurations
  • Hotmail server-down issues

How to resolve the Hotmail not working and sign-in issue?

Check the server settings and status

Lookup for the Hotmail server status. If the server is down, Hotmail and its service will not work at all.

Make sure your web browser and Hotmail are compatible

Check whether the Hotmail version and the web browser you are using do not have incompatibility issues. Sometimes, this can lead to Hotmail sign in not working error too. In case you face such problems too, try to resolve them through the following ways:

  • Clear your browsing history and data.
  • Reset your browser settings or use Hotmail on some other browser.
  • Update Hotmail to the latest version.

Check your internet and network settings

Make sure you have a proper internet connection and network connectivity. Try configuring the internet and network settings again if the problem persists.

Ensure that you entered the correct login credentials

The basic reason due to which you might face trouble while signing in to your Hotmail account is the wrong login credentials. Therefore, make sure that you enter the correct username and password. With these simple tips, you can easily fix the Hotmail not working error. Contact Hotmail customer support 1 (800) 642-7676 if the issue still persists.

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