My HP Printer not working

What are the reasons of HP Printer not working:

Often the HP printers face the issue of not working or not responding. A small message “ offline” get displayed as the status for a printer or the message stating “ Printer  not responding” get displayed while attempting to print. The offline message indicates that the computer is not able to communicate with the Printer linked with it.  It might happen that the power source is turned off. Some other reasons due to which the issue of HP Printer not working may arise are listed below:

  1. The printer is disconnected  from the power source.
  2. The  USB cable connecting the printer to the power is not working properly or it has been disconnected.
  3. It might happen that the printer drivers are not updated and installed properly.
  4. The printer is not rightly connected with the printer.

These are some of the reasons because of which the user may face the issue of HP Printer not responding.

Ways to fix the issue of HP Printers not responding:

The users may follow the steps listed below in order to fix the issue of HP Printer not responding:

USB Connection:

  1. The user may turn off the printer and then wait for a few seconds.
  2. Then the users may take out or disconnect the USB cable from the HP printer
  3. The users may turn ON the printer once again.
  4. After this the user needs to reconnect the USB back to the printer.
  5. Finally the users may print so as to check.

Network Connections:

  1. Firstly the user have to restart the HP printer.
  2. If problem persists, then the user requires to  restart the router.
  3. The users may restart the computer and wait for a few seconds.
  4. Thereafter the user shoudl have to click on the Apple icon and then the user must have to go to system preference.
  5. The user may hit on  Printers and Scanners, Print & Fax or in Print and scan to open the Printers list.
  6. Finally the users may click on the option stating Open Print Queue.

Complete Reset of Printer :

  1. The user have to click on the System Preference.
  2. Then the user should have to Hit on Printers and Scanners.
  3. After this the user requires to click on the Print and Scan or Print and Fax option.
  4. Then the user must have to right-click on the printer window.
  5. The users may then click on Reset Printing System.
  6. Thereafter the user needs to Click OK or Reset.
  7. The user needs to type in the username and password, if a message prompts.
  8. The users may then turn OFF the printer.
  9. The users require to go to the printer window and then click on the (+) button.
  10. The users may select the  printer from the list.
  11. Finally the users need to test print to check.

Hp printer not printing- Know the reasons instantly:

Some of the reasons causing the error of HP Printer not printing are listed below:

  1. Printer not connected to the power source properly :- The printer may not print because of inappropriate settings in between the power source and the printer. Light gets displayed on the LEDs if the printer is connected to a power source.
  2. Issue in HP printer and PC connection :- In case there is some problem in the connection settings in between the printer and the PC, then also the issue may occur.
  3. Outdated printer drivers :- It may happen that the printer driver are Obsolete or outdated. This may cause a number of issues in Epson printers and this can also cause hindrance in the working of the printers.
  4. Paper getting jammed :- Jamming of the paper in the paper tray may cause the issue.
  5. Empty ink or toner cartridges :- No ink present in the paper tray may cause the issue in the HP printer .
  6. No paper in the paper tray :- In case is there is no paper in the paper tray, then this may cause hindrance in the printing process.
  7. Issue with the USB cable :- In case the USB cable is not properly connected or plugged in correctly, then also the users may face the issue.

Execute these steps to fix the issue of HP Printers not working:

  1. The users may implement the steps listed below in order to resolve and fix the problem of HP Printer not working properly:
  2. The users may check that they have chosen the right printer for printing. For this , the user needs to open the Control Panel from the Start menu. Then the users may go to Devices
  3. and Printers and then the user needs to  right-click the correct printer so as to use and set it as the default printer.
  4. The users may check that the USB cable is properly connected. The users may plug in and then replug the same to fix the issue.
  5. The users may refill in the ink cartridges if they are empty.
  6. Moreover the users may check the paper tray as well.

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