How to unlock iphone without pass code

How to unlock iPhone without pass code?

It may be that you may have just forgotten the pass code of your iPhone as a result of which you may be facing difficulties in unlocking the same. If that is concerning you badly then throw away your issue and worry straightaway and read this user friendly tutorial in a calm and composed manner. This will certainly resolve your issue. In case any sort of difficulties are arising in following the below mentioned user friendly steps then the certified technicians advice is always available. They are always available and users can anytime connect with them via a mode named iPhone technical support. However, if you think that if this is of no use then simply move down the tutorial and follow the below mentioned step by step procedure to resolve the issue.

Methods to unlock iPhone without pass code:

Method 1: Firstly users can do is pick a way to erase the device which could be from iTunes, iCloud, and in case none of these are working then users can use the recovery mode.
Method 2: Next users can try is erase their device with iTunes so that they can remove the pass code. In order to do this users can firstly connect their device with system and then they can open their iTunes. Users can wait until their iTunes sync their device and make a backup. Once this is completed then users can click on the Restore option and finally they can select their device from their iTunes to get the issue resolved.
Method 3: Next users can do is erase their device with iCloud so that they can remove their pass code. Users can do the same by visiting the iCloud from some other device and then they can sign in with their Apple ID. Users can next click on all the devices at the top of the browser window and then they can select the device that they want to erase. Users can finally click on erase to erase the device and pass code and now they can restore it from the backup or setup a new.

Are the above mentioned methods not suiting you?

If you have been trying to follow any of the above mentioned methods and unable to get the same then iPhone customer service number is what you need. There are extremely qualified technicians who will definitely offer one stop solution for any of the underlying issue or error. After the users have asked the assistance from iPhone helpline phone number then one stop solution can be expected from remote technical assistance.

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