How to reset or change Gmail password?


Gmail is basically the dominating mailing service that you will be using in one way or the other. If you deal with the formal messages exchange then you must be having one or more mailing service. And just in case you do not have a mailing account and you are looking for a good mailing service then you can simply go for registering for this mailing service. The simple way to do so can be easily known by contacting the gmail password recovery number. As you give the call on this number you will be directly connected to the experts from the company and then you can know the easy answer to the questions that you have in your mind regarding this mailing service.

So once you visit the gmail official page you will be able to see two options one saying sign up and the other one is the login one. As you are the novice user and hence you have to tap on the sign up process. This is the process where you have to enter all the required information and then finally after entering the gmail address as well as the password you can simply sign up for this account. To choose the right email address you can call on the Gmail helpline phone number.

Easy steps to reset Gmail account password

The moment you enter this information you will be able to finally login to the account and can simply manage your account according to your need. Sometimes it happen that you become completely unaware about the password of the gmail account. Just in case you forgot the password of the mail account password then you have to give the call on the Gmail password recovery phone number. You have to follow the steps written below in order to do the reset of the password:-

  1. Here you have to login to the account I.e gmail account.
  2. Followed by clicking on the settings option.
  3. After that you have to click on the accounts and import option.
  4. And then you have to click on the change password option.
  5. Then you have to enter the current password followed by setting a new password for your account and you are done.
  6. Now you can login to your account by the very new password that you have set for your self.

If you feel that you are not able to follow the steps that are written above then feel free to get in touch with techies by calling on the Gmail password reset number .

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