How To Reset My Netflix Password

Want to Reset Netflix Password? Know Multiple Ways for Netflix Password Recovery

There is no doubt in saying Netflix is the leading online video streaming platform that offers a plethora of TV series, movies, documentaries, etc. You can even explore international content on Netflix with a wide range of regional video content. All you need is to have an account on Netflix to access its service. But this service gets discontinued when you lose the password. So, if you have forgotten the password, you can reset Netflix password through multiple ways which are mentioned below:

Reset Your Password By Email

  • First of all, you are required to visit the page on your browser. 
  • Once you reach there, you would find the option to reset your password through email, select the option. 
  • Then you should enter the email address associated with your Netflix account and click the Email Me option. 
  • In addition, check your inbox and follow the instructions mentioned in the Netflix password reset email. Click the link it will redirect you to the sign-in page. 
  • Once you are able to sign in, you would find the option to create a new password. 
  • Set a strong and easy to remember the password for your Netflix account. 

This is how you will be able to reset your Netflix password without any hassle. Besides, if you want to change your password via SMS, you can follow the given steps. 

Reset Netflix Password By Text Message (SMS)

  • The first thing that you need to do is redirecting to on the browser. 
  • Then you should select the Netflix password reset by Text Message option. 
  • Also, you are required to enter the phone number associated with your Netflix account in the given field and click Text me. 
  • Further, you will see a verification code is received on your phone in order to reset Netflix password. 
  • You need to enter the verification code in the provided field as the code gets expired after 20 minutes. 
  • Moreover, if you choose the option to reset the password on all devices, it may take up to 8 hours to be in effect. You need to keep the patience to reset the password on all linked devices to your Netflix account. 

Once you have performed the above steps, your Netflix account password will reset instantly. Additionally, if you want to do the Netflix password change process using the bill details, you can do that as well. And to do so, you may go through the given procedure. 

Recover Netflix Account Login Using Billing Information

  • Similarly, you should go to
  • After reaching there, you need to select the option 'I don't remember my email or phone' option.
  • You will get this option only when your region provides the service to recover the Netflix account through billing information. 
  • On finding the option, enter your first and last name along with the credit/debit card number. 
  • Then you need to click the Find Account option. 

After getting this much information, you must be able to reset Netflix password. On the off chance, you are still seeing problems accessing Netflix, you should contact the Netflix customer service. It might cause some serious issues with your account. So, don't waste your time and instantly connect with the customer support representative, they are just one call away.

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