How to reset computer to factory settings in Windows 10

How Can I Factory Reset with Windows 10 ?

There can be scenarios when the computer owner needs to Factory reset their computers and know the procedure for Windows 10. For the brief information, factory reset refers to permanently erasing all the information and data on the computers from the hard drive and replacing it with the original software. It can be done when users plan to sell their computers to someone else and erase their data and personal information. For Windows 10 factory reset, users must require a restore disc made from the software included in the computer. Today many users do not use restore discs as the separate part is made for the restore. 

Essential Tips to Factory Reset Your Computers:

If users want to sell their computers and want to Factory reset with Windows 10, then some ways that users can follow to reset their computers are as follows:

Using The Fresh Start Option:

For an older Windows 10, you have to reset the computers through a fresh start. To access the method, users need to go through some points:

  • Open your computers and search on the windows for a fresh start option. Go to the setting options.
  • On the new screen, click on the Update & Security option to take you to the Recovery page.
  • You will see a tab with the ‘learn how to start fresh with a clean installation on windows’ link at the bottom of the page.
  • It will open the Windows security app page to see the Fresh Start option.
  • Now, click on the Get Started option. After a while, your data will get erased from the drive.

Reinstalling The Windows Manually Using Windows Installation Media:

Many users who do not use Windows 10 still want to know the Factory reset the computers with Windows 10 without the setting menu. There is a way to get the information related to factory reset. Those users can always reset their data by using media installation techniques. This will allow the users to get a Fresh copy of the Windows and completely wipe out the previous one. 

For Users Who have Windows 10:

The users who already have windows 10 with them can go for the option of ‘how to install Windows 10 from the boot-able USB driver’. This will take you through loading Windows 10 installer on a flash drive. You have to boot the Windows and then erase all the current data and information on the computers with a fresh copy. This is free and easy to use until you have a spare USB drive. 

These are some essential and practical methods that will help Factory reset your computers with Windows 10 and erase all your data from the computers. 

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