How to install HP printer

HP Printer Installation- Complete Guide.

HP is one of the largest manufacturers of computer hardware and software. It's an American Company, headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Hp Printer is one of the best printer and user-friendly too. If you are a new user, then here are few steps about the installation of HP Printer.

HP Printer Installation Steps

Install drivers of HP Printer-First of all download the HP Printer driver software. Always keep the Window Update in an Automatic mode which allows the system to download the driver automatically. To do same, go to the 'Change device installation' option from the Window and then click on “Change device installation setting”. After doing the same, the window will display 'Device Installation Setting'. Here select the 'Yes' option and scroll down to 'save changes'. Keep your computer connected to the Internet, as soon as you will follow this procedure, Window will automatically download the HP Printer driver tools. For any issue, you can dial on HP printer Phone Number for the assistance.

  • Now connect your Printer with the Computer, if you are using USB Cable, then make sure you have an Internet connection and all the devices are switched ON, and then connect one end of the USB Cable to the Printer and another end to the Computer. after doing the same the window will display “ Found New Hardware”. If your driver is installed, then go to the 'Devices and Printers' in the Control Panel and 'Add your Printer' on your computer. Here you will find multiple devices, now you have to select the Printer and click Next and hence you are all set to use your Printer.

If your device is not listed in your computer then go for Manual Set Up. On “Add printer” Option, you will find “ Add a local printer or network printer with manual setting”select the same and click Next, now select the existing port and click Next, then Wait for window updating after that click on HP and go to the manufacturer panel and select your printer. After that click next and install the drivers. Disconnect the USB cable from the devices and reconnect the same, now you will be able to see your printer in the Devices and Printers panel.

  • How to Connect HP Printer with Wifi Connection- first of all, go to the Printer Control Panel and then press and hold the wireless button for few seconds, and release when wireless light starts blinking. Now from your router, press the WPS button, and wait till your Printer connects with the wireless network.

If you want to connect your HP Printer with an Ethernet Cable, then make sure your computer is connected to the router, now connect one end of the Ethernet Cable to the HP Printer and another end to the router. After following this procedure, you will find that your Printer is connected to your computer.

How to enable scan to computers on Mac?

Open the lid of the Printer and keep the document to be scanned in the proper position. Now from the Printer control panel, touch Scan, do remember that your computer is properly connected to the printer. Now, touch Computer from the printer panel, here you will find a list of computer, select the one where you want to save the file. Then go for scanning, here two options will come, which will ask you about the format in which you want to save your file, either 'pdf ' or 'jpeg'. Select anyone and touch for the scan and hence your printer will start scanning and the saved file will automatically appear on your Mac.

If still, you persist any problem, then you may dial on HP Printer toll-free number to get their support. The number is running 24*7, so you can get their assistance anytime.


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