How to install Google hangouts on a PC or MAC

Mac is ideal to send iMessages and text messages without having your iPhone in your hand. It allows you to install and use other messaging services like Google Hangouts. After its integration, you can easily send and receive Hangouts messages right on your Mac. Interestingly, it doesn't involve the use of browser plug-ins. Google Hangouts, a messaging app, which allows you to send messages and make phone calls as well as video calls to the people of your connection. Here is how you can install and use Google Hangouts on Mac.

How to Install Google Hangouts on Mac?

  1. Install the Google Hangouts Plug-in by clicking on the link
  2. Download Google Voice and Video Setup
  3. Open the installer to follow the Instructions
  4. Sign in to your Google Account now
  5. Give plug-in access to your camera and microphone MAC
  6. Go to the bottom portion of the video feed
  7. Select [Join] and invite your participants
  8. Click to allow Google Hangouts
  9. Sign in to your Google Account on the right
  10. Click [I Agree] to enable Telephone Calling

How to use Google Hangouts?

  1. Go to the upper left-hand portion of your Mac
  2. Click on [Menu]
  3. Select [System Preferences]
  4. Click on [Internet Accounts] after the [System Preferences] is clicked
  5. Add your Google account now
  6. Turn [On] the Messages option

Google Hangouts not working

No worries if your Google Hangouts not working! You will have to generate a password specifically for your Mac if you have enabled the two-step verification. It is predicted that you will receive error messages regarding your login information if you don't generate the password. If your Google Hangouts is not working even after generating the concerned password, you should contact the technical support engineers by dialing the toll-free number. Hopefully, you have earlier received Google Hangouts toll-free number which is known for its high-quality services.

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