How to create Hotmail account

Hotmail account is one of the official mailing account that is created by the users if they want to get the access to the services of the microsoft product. So in case you own any of the microsoft product like its android phone then you have to create first of all create the official account that is known by the name of the hotmail account by visiting the official account of the microsoft.

Easiest method to create the Hotmail account

Now if you are a novice user then you may face some of the issues while doing the registration process and hence for that you may have to contact the techies from the company by calling them on the Hotmail customer service number. The simple steps to create the hotmail account is as follows:-

  • You have to first of all start the process by going to the official site of hotmail i.e
  • Once you browse it in your browser and then press the enter button you will be forwarded to the official site where you can see two options that is one is
  • meant for the sign up option and other for the sign in.
  • since you are a novice user ans so you have to tap on the sign up button. Once you tap on it you will be forwarded to the sign up page.
  • Where you have to fill the form that appear in front of you. So you have to enter all the required information.
  • Followed by entering the personal information like your name as well as the gender etc. In case of doubts clear them from Hotmail support phone number.
  • after that you have to tell them that you are not a robot and that is done by undergoing the verification method.
  • One you are done with that thing then you have to create an email address as well as the secured password for your hotmail account by the help of which you have to login to the account in future.
  • After that you have to simply enter the alternate email address as well as the phone number that can work as the recover mail at the time when you forgot your password.
  • Then you just need to agree to the terms and conditions of the company and click on the login button and you are done.

Just in case you find any more glitches then feel free to get in touch with the professionals by calling on the Hotmail tech support phone number.

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