How to configure DHCP server on Cisco router

To configure DHCP server on Cisco router is quiet tedious task. To ward off technical hiccups of Cisco router, user can seek assistance by placing call on Cisco Router Technical Support Number to get valuable solution in jiffy. Have a quick look on set of protocol that need to be followed in nick of time.

Steps to configure DHCP server on Cisco router

  1. First of all, user is required to configure IP address on router Ethernet port  and effectively bring up the interface in swift manner
  2. Moving to next step, user is required to hit click on DHCP IP address pool for which user wish to choose IP address
  3. Moving to next step, user is required to specify network for address in error free manner
  4. Moving to next step, user is required to specify DNS domain for client
  5. Furthermore, user is required to specify primary and secondary DNS servers. For any assistance just make brisk call on Cisco Router Support Phone Number in proficient manner.
  6. Make sure to specify default router in swift manner
  7. Moreover, user is required to specify lease duration for the address avail by making use of pool
  8. Finally user is required to exit poll configuration mode by making use of exit command
  9. To block certain IP address in error free manner, user can make use of command to in remarkable manner

Abolish the technical hiccups of Cisco router –Ring up call now

Whenever user experience any technical glitch, one stop shop solution to discard error is reach out Cisco Router Customer Service available 24/7 round the globe. Technical expertise are committed to render invincible support and guidance in imperative manner. Technical engineers are delivering perfect and innovative technology in professional manner. Customer has autonomy to seek cent percent satisfactory solution through phone, email, chat, live session and remote assistance in cost effective manner.

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