How To Change Apple id in iPhone

What is The Best Method for Changing Apple ID on iPhone?

An iPhone user doesn't need to create Apple ID for using the phone.  But for someone who wants to access all the features of the iPhone, creating an Apple ID is off course, the best choice. At times, iPhone users might need to change their Apple ID because of the reasons that they have stopped using the email address they are using. Changing your Apple ID in such a condition is very necessary, or else you will miss all-important account verification request from Apple. Moreover, the correct procedure for changing your Apple ID on iPhone is as discussed below.

What is The Process To Change Your Apple ID on iPhone?

Right before you apply for Apple ID change on iPhone ensure that you have logged out from all the devices. Later you need to login to all the devices again with your changed Apple ID. Moreover, the final steps for changing your Apple ID on iPhone are enlisted below:

  • Find settings icon on the home screen of your iPhone and open it
  • After that select your name given with the Apple ID on the top of settings menu
  • Next navigate to Name, Phone numbers, Email tab
  • Then you will see a blue edit button right next to the Reachable At option
  • Click edit and then move towards red colored minus sign given next to your Apple ID
  • Then a pop up box will appear, choose continue on it
  • After that, enter a new email address for replacing your previous Apple ID
  • Next you will receive a confirmation email from Apple in this new email ID of yours
  • At last, you have to verify that email for finishing Apple ID change task

This is the best approach to change Apple ID in iPhone with a very less effort. However, in a condition you face any sort of problem while changing your Apple ID or you are not able to change it at all, get assistance from a technical support person to resolve it. You can get direct help from Apple representative regarding all kind of problem by connecting to their customer service center.

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