How to change APN settings on iPhone

In all our smartphones, today, we need internet access. We are so dependent on internet that if there is no internet, our smartphones look like a box that plays music and videos only. In order to access internet in our phones for instance iPhone, we need Access Point Name also known as APN. APN setting is acts like a gateway between your sim card, your mobile network and your mobile data carrier i.e. GPRS. It can be understood like a point of access where exchange of information takes place for internet access. Every iPhone which needs to connect to internet must have configured an Access Point Name for seamless internet access.

By default, mobile devices come with default Access Point Name settings. However sometimes we need to change the settings to access internet from some other service provider or maybe for some other setting. For instance, if your Access Point Name settings are not correct, then you will not be able to access internet. Hence you will need to change the Access Point Name settings. Now, to change your Access Point Name setting in your iPhone, you need to follow the simple steps described in detail below:

Here are the steps to change APN settings on your iPhone –

Step 1) You need to go to Settings in your iPhone and then select Cellular . Under that click on  Cellular Data Options  and then go to Cellular Network. If the device that you are using is in some other country outside United States of America, then you can navigate to your APN settings by going to Settings then selecting Mobile Data and then Mobile Data Options and click Mobile Data Network.

Step 2) Now a new window will appear which will ask for new Access Point Name settings. Here you need to type in the name, location and host for the new Access Point Name settings. After filling the details click on Save.

Now your new Access Point Name settings have been saved and you can connect to internet using these settings. In case of any technical assistance you can contact iPhone Customer Service number. iPhone Tech support will always be available to help you. You will be guided by iPhone support and helpline in case of any problem that occurs while changing Access Point Name settings.

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