Google Not Working on iPhone

How To Fix The Issue of Google Not Working on iPhone?

With Google, you can easily access your internet on any device. If you want to use the iPhone, you can download it from the App store. After downloading, you can try using it. In case it is not working properly, it could be due to several reasons. While using Google on the iPhone, if you encounter any issue, you can fix it easily. With this article, you will come to know about the fixes for Google issues.

Fixes for Google issues on iPhone

If you have got Google on your iPhone and you are unable to access it, you need to try out some fixes. Google issues are easy to resolve and you can try for it. Below mentioned are the fixes for the issue of Google not working on iPhone:

  • For the proper use of any Google service or app, you must have a strong internet connection. In iPhones, you can either use Wi-Fi or cellular data, whichever is strong.
  • If Google is not working, you must check for the network setting and if required, reset the network settings of your iPhone.
  • In most of the cases, cookies and cache of the app are responsible for the issue. So, to fix the issue, you can try clearing the cache and cookies from the application and it can be done under the Settings.
  • In none of the fixes work to fix the Google issue, you can try uninstalling the app from your iPhone. After some time, you can reinstall it and check if the issue is now resolved or not.

If you are still unable to fix Google not working issue, you can contact the support team of Google. To contact them, you can use the contact details provided on the official webpage of Google help. The executives have expertise on all the technical as well as non-technical issues of Google services. So, they can assist you with all the Google related issues. You can reach them at any time as their support representatives are available 24x7 for assistance.

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