Google Hangout Not Working

How to fix Google Hangout not Working?

Google Hangout is one of the best instant messaging service apps provided by the Google. It let allow the users to send and receive messages, make a video call and much more. Users can access Google Hangout on all kinds of devices such as Windows, Android and iOS. It’s very easy to use Google Hangout. But sometimes users also confront Google Hangout not working problem whenever they try to access it on various devices. There can be multiple reasons behind this problem and they are also easy to fix. In this article, you will learn about the procedure to fix this problem on various devices.

How to fix Google Hangout not working on Mac?

If you are facing not working problem on your Mac, then follow the below instructions to fix:

  • First of all, check the internet connectivity and make sure that your internet connection is working well.
  • Open another page in your browser and then verify that problem is really with your browser or with Hangout.
  • You can also reset your router to resolve connectivity issues in Google Hangouts or a web page.

How to fix Google Hangout not working in Chrome?

Google Chrome is the best way to access Hangout. But sometimes users also confront not working problem whenever they use it on Chrome. To fix this problem, go through below steps:

  • Update your Google Chrome browser if it is not updated. Sometimes a corrected version also creates that kind of problems.
  • Clear all the cookies, caches and history in your Google Chrome browser. If an extension is enabled, then disabled it. Because unwanted caches prevent your web page to open anything.
  • Sign out your Google account and then again sign in.

How to resolve Google Hangout not sending messages?

Has your Google Hangout stopped sending messages? And appears “message send to failed” error? Then follow the below steps and resolve this problem very easily:

  • First of all, clear the caches and data in your Hangouts. For this, go to the Settings of your device and then tap on the Apps. Now choose Hangouts and then tap on Storage. Tap on Clear data icon to clear the caches and data.
  • Sign out form your Google Hangouts account. For this, go to Settings and then choose your Google account. Now tap on Sign out and then sign in back to your email account.
    So all done!! And now try to access your Google Hangout. Hopefully, it will work very smoothly without any difficulties.


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