Google drive is not syncing

Installing Google Drive

The giant company of the internet world Google, has a great cloud storage and the solutions for synchronization. This allows the professionals, businesses and many home users to create, save or share the professional looking documents like presentations, spreadsheets, Internet forms or others. The documents can be uploaded and the other files can be uploaded as well like archives, videos, images and music to the servers of Google.

Quick and easy way to fix when Google drive is not syncing

There are some troubles that are faced by the users of Google Drive and they need to be fixed. For fixing the troubles that you face, you can try some methods written below.

  1. You can delete duplicates or upgrade the subscription: May be you have exceeded the storage limit of 15 GB and then you will have to subscribe for additional storage volume. If not so, you can clean the duplicate files.
  2. Disconnect and then reconnect: There can be some temporary issues that can be easily solved by this method.
  3. You can reinstall Google Drive: This is one of the best way to diagnose the bugs, if any. There can be this thing that any program file for Google Drive might have gone moved, renamed, missing or deleted.
  4. You can sync the custom folders: There can be a possibility that something has happened which you cannot expect to happen while synchronizing any file or folder. This can be possible that there may be some files which cannot be synchronized because of the compatibility issues. Therefore, you must choose few custom folders.
  5. You can pause the syncing process and then restart the syncing process: There can the times when the process of syncing gets stuck and there is no reason involved in it. You just have to pause the syncing process and restart the process again. Just locate the Google Drive system and select settings. Click pause. Restart the computer, locate the icon again and choose settings. Click resume and you are good to go.

If any of the above methods have been a solution for your Google Drive problem, that’s great. But if you have not found the right solution, you can simply go for Google Drive customer service. They are always ready to help the users. You can contact Google Drive tech support number or you can contact the Google Drive toll free number. You can contact Google Drive support number any time and the team of Google Drive service center will always be ready to help you. The Google Drive troubles are irritating and they understand that pretty well.

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