Google chromecast is not working

What to do when Google Chromecast is not working ?

Google Chromecast is the device to stream video content to the TV. It grants access to multiple streaming devices, from Netflix and YouTube to Hulu and Google Play. This device is plugged into the TV’s HDMI port and is powered by a USB cable. Users have trouble free experience with Google Chromecast, but there can be troubles which can make the Chromcast unusable.

It can be really frustrating when Chromecast gets stuck with some kind of problem. This article will suggest some of the troubleshooting steps to fix the Chromecast problems and dial Google Chromecast customer care number for advanced assistance.

Here are the steps to fix the Google Chromecast troubles –

  1. Poor power supply leads to endless Chromecast problems. It gets stuck in an endless loop. Many of the users do hijack the USB service on their TV and it is the best convenient way to power supply.
  2. Factory reset Google Chromecast. If somehow the Chromecast gets stuck in a permanent loop and that the problem is not solved, then simply unplug the power source for a few minutes and plug it back again to power. Dial Google Chromecast customer service phone number for the instant steps for factory reset.
  3. The position of the Chromecast can itself be the culprit behind the problem, if other devices have a strong signal by the TV but the Chromecast doesn’t. Use small HDMI extender with the Chromecast which protects the Chromecast from shearing damage if anything puts pressure on the connewction point. Dial Google Chromecast toll free number for the best assistance and help with Google Chromecast troubles.
  4. It might be the case that your Chromecast is on the edge of the router’s range and the real solution will be to move the whole setup. Upgrade the router to increase the signal strength.

Contact the technical experts for the best assistance if Google Chrome is not working. Google Chromecast technical experts will provide various troubleshooting steps for instant solutions.

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