Gmail stopped working on your iPad or iPhone

Gmail Account Stopped Working On iPad

Have you just recently configured Gmail account on your iPad device but now it is not working fine? Seems something went wrong with your email account while configuring or after accessing on your iPad or iPhone device. But not to worry, as like you are flabbergasting for what to do, likewise, we are here to help you.  The thing is equal. So let’s start with the issue is Gmail stopped working on iPad. You must be sure that you have performed the tasks of the configuration easily and correctly.

If you have some more doubt and thinking that some of the services you did not enable and also did not change the settings. It is a suitable time where you need to do it all to fix this issue presently. When you think that you are using iPhone device and when Gmail account is not working then what to do, at this the answer is quite simple is the setting of both devices is substantially the same you can try the same method to fix the problem conveniently.  

Gmail Stopped working on iPhone

Go through the ways simply to fix when your Gmail stopped working on iPhone or iPad devices.

  1. Turn on your iPad or iphone device and go to the Gmail account app and enter the email address and password to access.
  2. Go to the settings to select the mail server settings and go to IMAP mail server and enter the correct email address into the field gently.
  3. Press add button and follow the same procedure with the SMTP mail server and select the SSL mail server to sync mail, contact, and calendar.
  4. Enter the password when the process is finished eventually.
  5. After completing the task of the Gmail troubleshooting to fix the issue you can use Gmail on your iPad and iPhone devices. Notwithstanding if there is a bit issue and it is not letting you take a natural breath, you should do something different to fix it soon.
  6. You can check with your Gmail account has updated with your iPad or not if you should do it without getting a delay. But if you observe that it is not supporting you in updating then to avoid the hassles, contact experience techies who will guide very well.

Gmail not updating on iPad

To give you some hint to fix the issue “Gmail not updating on iPad” follow the below methods:

  1. Go to the Gmail app on your iPad device and go to settings directly showing at the left of the same page.
  2. Go to the mail server settings and check all the services are enabled and then press the update button.
  3. You can press continue button to update your Gmail app on your iPad.
  4. During updating process you need to reenter the all information step by step, so take care of it.
  5. After completing the task you can enter the password at the end.
  6. For more information and help, you can visit Gmail support center that is good to reach techies who offers all essential support any time before long.   

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