Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working Issue

How To Fix The Issue of Yahoo Not Working in iPhone and Chrome

Yahoo messenger has been one of the mostly used email platforms used by a lot of users since more than a decade. Ever since internet came into existence, Yahoo has been one of the first email service providers. With the help of one Yahoo account, you can easily exchange emails or get updated with the daily news. 

Yahoo Mail Not Working

There are a lot of users accessing the services of the Yahoo with the help of one yahoo email account. And if in case your Yahoo account stops working because of any technical fault, then you can also find the solution. The reason behind Yahoo mail not working are few of the common issues that keep taking occurring often. And the ways to fix the Yahoo account not working are different for the various types of devices. 

Methods To Fix Yahoo Account on iPhone 

  • If use iPhone and have logged in Yahoo account then you can follow below given steps to fix Yahoo mail not working on iPhone. For details, tap below. 
  • First of all log out and then log in the Yahoo account. 
  • If in case Yahoo account does not work still then remove and re-install the Yahoo application in your device. 
  • Check the internet issue and update the IOS version of the apple device. 
  • Setup the SMTP server and use the Yahoo mail app. 

Methods To Fix The Yahoo Account Not Working in Chrome

Chrome is a web browsing app that is used in the android device. A lot of android users access Chrome for net surfing. But if in case yo find the issue of Yahoo mail not working on chrome, then you can follow the below given steps to fix it. 

  • 1.Check your internet connectivity first and if its not working then fix your internet connection. You can use a strong wi-fi connection for accessing the Yahoo or any other online application. 
  • 2.Keep updating the chrome device for the latest version so that you can run all the applications smoothly. If chrome gets outdated, it will not respond properly. 
  • 3.Moreover clear all the chrome cookies and cache files from your chrome browser so that you can access internet and use all the services. 
  • 4.Moreover clear all the mails and unwanted data from your yahoo account so that you can access the new mails. A lot of times mail dont load in the Yahoo box because of the issue of insufficient space in the memory box. 
  • 5.Apart from this if you are not able to access any site on chrome then maybe its the issue of the server and not the browser. Wait till the issue gets resolved on. Till then you can access any other browser if you have any important work. 

And hence you are done! With the help of these steps, you can easily fix the issue of Yahoo not working in the chrome or iPhone. For more information, you can contact the customer care team of the Yahoo. 

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