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Xerox is an extremely famous company that is known for manufacturing and selling very good quality printers. The company offers a huge range of printers which can be differentiated into various categories and thus bought accordingly by the customer according to his needs and his budget. 

However despite many excellent features that a Xerox printer offers, sometimes glitches and errors do arise and cause inconvenience to the user. However Xerox provides the very best in customer service. All you need is to get in touch with the customer service by either visiting their official website or simply calling them on their Xerox Printer Tech Support Phone Number which is much faster and convenient to the user as well.

Some of the issues that a user of a Xerox printer faces are discussed below:-

Your printer is unable to print images or text properly due to smudges, blots, faded images etc. 

 In such cases, start by checking whether the paper loaded in the tray matches the type of paper that has been selected in the printer drivers.

However if you own a laser printer, you need to check the fuser to see if it’s set properly. However please take precaution as the fuser tends to get extremely hot.

If that is not the problem, then check the toner cartridges to see if they are empty or not. If they are empty, replace them with new cartridges or refill them.

The printer is unable to print anything from the print queue list.

Check whether you have sent the print job to the correct printer. The problem is also caused by incorrect paper sizes being put in the paper tray. If it’s not fixed still, check if all the cables are fixed securely and that the printer drivers are installed and functioning correctly. Next, try restarting the computer. If the problem is still not fixed, contact the Xerox printer customer support for help.

A paper jam has  occurred

The most common solution to this is to open the printer panel  and check whether the paper has got stuck in any component of the printer like a roller. However, sometimes the error may be caused due to something as simple as a misalignment of tray. In which case remove the paper tray and reposition it correctly. However if it still doesn’t fix the problem, call the Xerox Printer Support Phone Number to get their technical support to assist you.

How to get connected with Xerox Printer technical support number?

At this times user face technical issues with Xerx Printer device like driver is not downloading or installation issue, Not able to configure printer device with PC or wi-fi, Unable to work fine on windows and many others. If user face techncial issues and looking forward to best technical support service to fix problem which might be resolved perfectly. Xerox Printer Technical Support Number is one of the best resources that is get connected through chat support, email support, and many other options are here, Xerox Printer Customer Support team provides solution without wasting more time and money.


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