iPhone not connecting to wifi

iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi or Slow speed, How to fix it?

Wifi is something which has made the life of people very easy and simple as just connecting will solve all your internet connection issues permanently. Be it any kind of product but the situations are sorted with wifi be it wired or wireless. Wi fi being the advantage for all of us is of a disadvantage also which is normal, majorily  issues due to wifi can be slow speed or the not connecting which will be elaborated further as well.

Steps to follow if connecting issues :

  1. Toggle Wi-Fi.
  2. Toggle Airplane mode on/off.
  3. Turn off the Bluetooth in case it is On.
  4. Forget the network and join again.
  5. Restart your iPhone and your router once.
  6. Reset network settings.
  7. Reset all settings.

After performing the above steps you might not face any issue but still there is any issue then you can directly contact iPhone customer service number and that is the right place for clearing or removing all your issues which may arise at that point in time.
If any issue there or maybe the issue was sorted for sometime and it re-apperas then you can call on the iPhone helpline phone number as this is another service provided by us to sort all the issues and the user is in no confusion of how to get out of his problem.

Steps if Slow speed in Wifi :

  1. Turn off Wifi Networking with the help of settings> Privacy> Location Services > System services.
  2. Then reboot your phone and turn on Wifi Networking.
  3. Your Wi-Fi will be working normally again.

As these are the often issue which the users of iPhone come across and at times it is annoying as well for the user because there are many issues where in the problem can arise again and again so not to worry as we have the  iPhone Tech Support Phone Number available to get directly and immediately get connected with the team f iPhone and share the issues which is going to be handled by the team.
In case the issue is not fixed after performing the above methods which is very rare to happen that the problem still remains and it is annoying to for the user  so the user can contact the iPhone  Support Phone Number is the most easy and effective way to get the issue sorted and in case not solved the alternative will be shared. Doing this will get the solution for the queries.



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