How to reset computer to factory settings in Windows 10

Are you willing to set your computer settings to default in Windows 10?

If you have just turned ON your computer and if it is giving all sort of issue or error then it means there is something wrong with your Windows 10 operating system. Computer customer service number is one such source through which solution to such technical issue or error can be easily obtained. But there will definitely be many users who may not want to seek assistance from the Computer support number and instead get solution to issues by going by the self way. Such users can simply move down the tutorial and get the step by step procedure for their computer to reset to its factory settings.

Steps to reset computer to factory settings in Windows 10:

Step 1: Users can first of all navigate to the Settings section which they can do by clicking on the Gear icon of the Start menu.
Step 2: Users can now select Update and security and then they can click on Recovery from the left panel.
Step 3: Users can next click on Get Started option which they can find it under Reset my PC.
Step 4: Users can now choose from Keep my Files or Remove Everything depending upon the option which best suits them.
Step 5: Users can next choose from Just remove my files or remove files and clean the drive and then they can click on Next.
Step 6: Users can next click on Reset when prompted and wait for windows to restart and reset itself.
Step 7: Finally users can click on Continue when prompted to ensure that all the tasks that you have made changes in have been successfully saved.

Are you unable to reset computer to factory settings in Windows 10?

As explained earlier that experts advice is always available for the users to resolve any of the technical redundancies so why know the desired process to connect with them. In order to get instant solution for technical issues as mentioned above users will need to dial the 24/7 Computer tech support phone number which is a toll free service and is available for the users all through the year. After the users are connected with the technicians they are free to discuss their issue or query and the certified technicians offer assistance to fix the issue from one of the modes from remote assistance, onsite assistance, and live chatting and mail support. So act smart and get your things done so that you do not have to waste any productivity.



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