How to reset Cisco router password

How will I Reset My Cisco Router Password ?

When residents of any particular location try to connect to LAN through different routers, many prefer using Cisco routers to get connected to the internet connection. There are situations when users cannot remember their password and want to reset their password. You might ask how I can Reset my Cisco router password and the procedure to reset the password. Several customers of Cisco routers think of resetting their password as they want to keep it secure from other users. 

Effective Steps To Reset The Password:

It is always a brilliant suggestion to change or reset the password of your router to protect it from strangers. You can follow the steps to reset the password through these steps:

  • First, you have to connect your router through wifi or ethernet to your computer or any other device.
  • Now open the browser's new tab on your internet browser and insert your router's IP address on the tab.
  • Press on the enter button, and you will reach a new page. If you are a first-time Cisco router user and are unsure about the password, leave by entering username only.
  • Enter the word 'password' in the password field without any quotation. Tap on the set-up option on the main menu tab.
  • After that, click on the Quick set-up tab. A new tab will appear, and it can differ from your router depending on the router's age.
  • Enter the username and new administrative password you want to keep for your router.
  • Re-enter the password on the field to confirm your set-up password. 
  • Always keep a password that should be easy to remember and strong enough for you to keep safe from the hacker or stranger to connect internet from it.

When you try to set up the new password for the Cisco router password reset, you may not find the proper quick set-up, and in place of it, you can choose the 'Wireless' from the main menu and then tap on the Wireless setting. You can easily reset your password on the Cisco router with these steps.

Some Valuable and Additional Tips To Reset The Password:

There are fantastic tips that users can follow in case of any confusion related to the setting-up of passwords:

  • If you are not aware of the username and password, you can turn on your Cisco router and see the login credentials to reset the password.
  • If the login information is not given on the router, then you can reset it manually by pressing and holding the Reset button on the Cisco router.
  • Cisco router offers you extra security by resetting the password if you have not done it before. 



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