How to install Belkin router without CD

How to install Belkin router without CD?

Belkin router is one of the best routing device for internet access. Installation of the router is very easy and it can configured across various operating systems. Lots of Belkin router users have come up with the issue of router setup and this article will provide steps for the router installation without CD.

Follow the steps to install the Belkin router without CD –

  1. Modem will be used for the setup process. So, first plug the modem to a compatible power source.
  2. Now using an Ethernet cable connect the computer to the modem. Make sure that the router is not installed in first place. Dial Belkin router technical support number at the first place for instant assistance to router setup
  3. Verify whether the computer is getting internet connection or not. For this open any website online. Contact the ISP if there is issue in connecting to internet or accessing any website.
  4. Next you need to connect the modem to the WAN or modem port of the router.
  5. Plug in the router to the power source now.
  6. Next is the turn of connecting the computer or PC to any of the Ethernet ports of the router. Connection with the Ethernet cable is very important in first place if you are using a wireless computer.
  7. At the upper panel of the device, observe the LED of the router. Wait till the time LED turns solid blue. If the LED doesn’t turn blue then make sure that the router is properly connected to the modem. Also, powercycle the modem by unplugging the router’s power supply for 10 seconds. Contact Belkin router customer service to know in details.
  8. Enter the URL as ‘’ or ‘http://router address’ in the browser.
  9. Next on the setup page, modify the Network Name and Password. Click on ‘Save’ and then ‘Continue’. Unable to login? Dial Belkin router tech support phone number.
  10. Fill all the necessary details on the ‘Register your router’ window and click ‘Complete Registration’.

Have you tried the steps? Not able to install the router without CD? Belkin router support phone number will surely provide you with the latest steps. Support professionals are the best guys to get the installation done without any hassle.



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