How to do a factory reset on my iPhone


Iphone is the device from apple inc that drives the attention of millions of users worldwide by the alluring services as well as the classy features that it has got. So in case you have purchased the iphone to deal with the excitement that you felt while thinking about a iphone, but after some time you are in mood of selling it due to some reasons.
Then in that case you have to first of all remove all the data from your iphone. And that is also mandatory since the electronics device present in the market today are really complicated and they may get in to the confused state from time to time and hence resetting your data can clear out the random problems. The easy way to deal with any random issue is to seek the guidance from the experts by calling them on the iPhone Customer Service Number.

Now the simple steps to do the factory reset are explained below:-

  1. Here you simply have to open your iphone and after that you need to go to the settings option.
  2. Once you reach the settings option then you need to proceed to the general option and then you have to simply move to the reset option.
  3. As you tap on it a new menu will appear in front of you and there you have to select the erase all content and settings option. If you feel any trouble in the mid then you can simply call on the iPhone Tech Support Phone number.
  4. Now it is the time to enter the passcode that you may have set for yourself.
  5. As you do so you will most probably get a warning box which will show you the option to erase iphone.
  6. So simply tap on this option, after doing this you have to just enter the apple ID password in order to confirm the action.
  7. The moment you do so the iphone will most probably wipe all the content from the storage and then you will be able to get back to the screen that you may have saw when you may have brought your phone for the first time.

iPhone Support Phone Number is the number that could prove to be of great help if you consider the situation where you may be facing any kind of situation. This is most probably the easiest method to clear any of your doubt.



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