How to configure iCloud on iphone

Icloud is apples storage and cloud computing services, it allows you to access your photos, contacts , email, bookmarks and documents and you can access them anywhere you can get online.
If you feel there is a technical glitch in your phone while entering your ID or while the procedure you go through for configuring icloud in your iphone don't hesitate to contact the Icloud email technical support phone number that Apple provides you for your assistance.

A process to configure Icloud on iPhone

Create an apple ID

Your Icloud account can be only made if you have an apple ID , If you do not have an apple ID you will have to create one and if you have one you can just login with your apple Id and ignore the first step.

Update your device to the latest OS

you should make sure that the device you are using has the latest IOS running in your system. if not update your IOS to make it a simpler process.
GO to settings, then click general, then select the option Software update.
Turn on Icloud on your device.

Turn on Icloud on your phone

Its easy to switch on Icloud  as while you sign up for your apple ID you have an option to operate icloud that time. In case you declined it initially you can set it up again later as well.
when you enter icloud the Ios would give you an option to either or not to use it. you will just need to select use it ans enter your Apple ID password and then you will be allowed to proceed.
After you have proceeded with these steps your Iphone would sync its information and save it in icloud . Icloud basically takes a back up of your entire phone data and then allows you to access your music, photos, calendar and all automatically. In case you lose your Iphone your information and data wont be at loss as later on from your Icloud account you can recover all your data.

If you have any issues regarding the procedure or you get stuck between any step you can contact icloud customer service number to find solution to your problems. The Experts would be there for your support .



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