How to block spam emails on iCloud

Simple steps to block Spam emails via iCloud support number

Spams are always annoying. They unnecessarily occupies space, create difficulty in searching for any important email and who knows, any spam email can corrupt the account or any file or the whole system. So user should not keep the spam and should not open these emails. Every email account has a junk folder. The emails which are suspicious or considered as spam can be transferred to this junk folder. Here we will see how spams can be removed from the icloud account.

  • The easiest way is to move the spam emails to the Junk folder.
  • This folder is always under the checking of Apple so eventually these emails will stop jumping into the inbox.
  • If any email is disturbing the user again and again then user can just forward this email to
  • Apple will take care of them and later Apple will stop these emails from the server itself.
  • Or else user can create rules for particular email id and then block that id forever.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Then click on Add Rule.
  • Enter the name and the email id which user wants to block.
  • In the popup , add the behavior of the email when they have to follow the Rule.
  • Click OK.
  • User can Add more than one Rule for blocking different email ids.
  • These rules can anytime be deleted ,or edited.

If you needed any additional help and support then make a call at iCloud support phone number available at every time to provide the best solution and information in terms of various Apple iCloud issues.

iCloud customer service number

If there is any issue then user can dial the iCloud Customer Service Number. This number is always active. Executives here are certified and experienced people having knowledge about how to handle spam emails. iCloud Tech Support Number is 24/7 open. So user can call at any time and ask any query or technical issues. The technicians on the line will provide the best solutions in a very short period of time. So keep the inbox clean by handling  the spam easily and call at the iCloud support Phone Number if there is any problem with the account.



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