Google docs is not working on MAC

Problem in accessing the Google Docs on MAC. How to fix the problem?

MAC users can access the Google Docs on their Apple devices and it is always handy to have access to the Google Docs while working between various machines or locations. If the user is not able to access the docs then it is fairly useless. There has been occasions when the MAC or Apple user has been facing trouble in accessing the Google Docs on MAC.
The first thing is to try and alter the settings or the conditions to access the docs. Google docs is not working is a common problem and we will try fix the issue with the best troubleshooting steps around.

Here are the steps to fix the problem of Google Docs on MAC –

  1. Some of the users have faced problem while using the native browser with Google Docs. The issue is inability to open documents and it might come with an error message that will say Google Docs is unable to find the server. Make sure that the Javascript is enabled in the browser as an initial troubleshooting. Google Docs toll free number will be the best option for the troubleshooting of the Google Docs issues.
  2. Clear the cache and cookies of the browser, which is a possible workaround for the issue. Go to the Safari menu and then select ‘Reset Safari’. Next, choose the option ‘Remove all website data’. Resetting the cache and cookies is helpful for problems with Google Docs mainly when you are using another browser. Dial Google Docs customer service number for clearing the cache and cookies.
  3. It might also happen that the browser plug-ins may be interfering with Google Docs. Perform a reset of the browser to get back to its original configuration. Try disabling the plugins one-by-one for determining the one that caused all problems

Contact the Google Docs support experts who can provide quick troubleshooting for the problem. For this the user need to dial the Google Docs customer care phone number. Support experts will examine the problem remotely and provide instant solutions.



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