Cisco router’s Wi-Fi is Not working

Cisco router’s Wi-Fi is not working

So here your wifi is not working, There can be many reasons why the wifi is not working so we need to first figure out the correct reason by checking it. At times by mistake the wires are not fixed properly or there can be other issues as well.  So what best is that we should try to sort this at our end then contact the company as there can be any charges as well applied and in order to avoid we can try at our end as well. There are few steps just follow and the router may work fine.

  • In case the any browser is open, close it.
  • Remove the modem’s power cable. To be assure just check the one being used by you.
  • Wait for sometime and let the modem relax.
  • Put the power cable again.
  • Now wait for two minutes to start the modem.
  • Once this is done. You can open the browser and type

After going through all these steps if the wifi is working fine, if not then you can contact Cisco Router Customer service for any further help if required. The Customer service help will be available anytime.

In case there is any issue with our products or services you can contact Cisco Router Tech Support Number. The team will sort this is for you over the call or the email as well as what is best for you.
We  also have Cisco Router Support Phone Number wherein we have this facility in all states and using the number of your own place you can contact them and they will get this fixed for you.
There can be various reasons why the wifi is not working so there needs to be few checks done in order to find out the problem and then we can easily fix it out.



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