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About Belkin :
Belkin is basically deals with the manufacturing of the electronics products and selling them in the market. Which deals with the manufacturing and development of the electronics gadgets which are used by the common people across the world.

How to reset Belkin router password ?

User can protect their Belkin wireless modem router from getting affected by the unwanted malware application by providing the proper password on that device so that no such software may affect it. Now when you will set the password over your account then when ever any user will try to connect to the modem then it will ask to enter the required password before offering the access to the services.

So, once set the password then you will be able to reset it again to access this interface services. So, to reset you Belkin router password one need to follow up the mentioned steps which is as follows :

Step 1: User may first of all, power on there respected Belkin wireless modem router, when it is not already open.
Step 2: After that search for the ‘reset’ button on the back of the device, which you need to find at the back and may even vary its location from model to model.
Step 3: Now, user may press and hold the reset button for at-least 15 seconds.
Step 4: After that the router automatically reboot as you will press the reset button.
Step 5: The user needs to wait for a moment until your router device restarts.
Step 6: Then after navigate to ‘’ through the web browser application input method.
Step 7: Now there leave your password field blank and after that click on the ‘submit’ button.
Step 8: Which will after wards help you to connect it through the web based interface.

Now the users router password has been reset successfully but if there is any problem in implementing it then kindly contact to ‘Belkin Router customer service’, which will help you in providing the whole service.

How to install Belkin router without CD ?

Step 1: First of all assemble all your belonging such as router, computer system and Ethernet LAN cables.
Step 2: Now connect them through the cables by connecting them through each other.
Step 3: Now when done with all this, just open up the required computer system, which is also be connected through the proper internet connection.
Step 4: Open the web browser and then enter, ‘’ or just ‘http://router’ and then make it search.
Step 5: There a page will open which will show ‘let’s connect to the internet’ page and after that tap on ‘Detect my connection’.
Step 6: When the proper connection has been made, then it will ask you to change your ‘network name’ and also the ‘password’.
Step 7: Now the router will verify your network name and given password, when done click on ‘done’ button.
Step 8: Fill up the other detailed information and then click on the ‘complete registration’.
Step 9: When all done, it will then finally redirect you to dashboard. 

Suppose if you get stuck to some step then contact to ‘Belkin router technical support number’, which is as follows.

How to find Belkin router username and password ?

If anyone is looking for finding the username and password of there respective Belkin modem router, then one may look for the default router username. And to get that one should directly refer to the router manual book which you must have got at the time of buying the device. Even one can look for the sticker which could be pasted at the router back itself. And if you have even lost the router manual then one should get it through the online data serving.

So, above mentioned solution are there to provide you the guidance in the required field but if you are not able to understand them, then kindly look for the ‘Belkin router customer service helpline number’, who are always available in your support.

How to fix it my Belkin router is not connecting through internet ?

User may restart the device and then after some time that is after 20-25 minutes you should restart it once again. And for that you need to unplug the device and again restart it. And not getting the solution then kindly call to ‘Belkin router customer service phone number’, this support service is available 24/7 hours in a day. They are very friendly and supportive in nature, in providing the support and services to there customers.

How to fix Belkin wireless router orange light ?

  1. Turn on the router device which you have with you.
  2. Unplug all the wires which are connected to the router and other computer system.
  3. Through the pin, make a pin to the reset hole for at-least 20 sec.
  4. Now after that just open the device.
  5. Hence by following the above mentioned steps you will get the proper solution and get rid of the problem.

And for more details just contact to ‘Belkin router customer support’ employee.

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